June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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at B.U.M.S.
Saturday May 25, 1974
By: Scooter

It doesn't sound like a typical Saturday afternoon, but this is the way it went.. "Scot, someone's on the phone." (I was sleeping great-one of those dreams.) I decided I had better answer the phone.

"Hello, Scot? You better get on down to the track." "But it's 8 o'clock, Chris. Remember, the races don't start until noon!!! "Yeah," Chris said, "but there's a guy cutting everything down with a chain saw. Scot, I think he's crazy!! "Oh—. I'll be right there!"

CLICK!! ZOOM++fly down to the track in my boss '52 "Raddler" Ford Pick-up.

"What's going on here?" I said. "Hey, haven't I seen you before? "Yea," said the man in a gruff voice, "last year when I did the same thing I'm doing today." "Oh no," I said, "not again! Today's Saturday-race-day-ten million kids on their super Schwinns." "Sorry," he said, "I'm just clearing out the bushes in case of a fire."

Well, it looks like a yearly occurance here. Any way, it gives me a good excuse to make a new track. So expect a new, and we hope better, MX course at B.U.M.S

We ran the same track as last week and had some of the same hot action. Speaking of hot, Brian "Ramo" Ramocinski was at B.U.M.S. today to practice for tomorrow's Western States Championship at Soledad Sands. He also ran three straight moto wins against the likes of Rick Parent, Norm Byers, Rick Davis and a few other hot shoes. Second to "Ramo" was Lonnie Stark, a recent transfer from the Novice ranks. In fact, this is his first Expert race. Lonnie, the "Husky freak", tallied up a 2-6-3 record to tie with Super Ace Norm Byers, riding for Hy-Jinks Yamaha. Norm had to settle for third because of his fourth place in the last moto (Remember, tie breakers are decided with the last moto finishes.) In fourth place was Don Gorme, still riding the JNK Special.

Easily dominating the Novice class was Scott Fulton riding for Westminster Racing Team. Scott made a clean sweep of the three motos. Second was Pat Brown riding for Jim Snow Ford of Cerritos. Pat recorded a 2-4-4 finish. (Both of these riders look like soon-to-be Experts.) Tied for third was Dan Denning and Russell Clark, both of Long Beach. Denning won the decision with a better finish in the last moto.

In the Beginners, it;/as Danny Alverado taking home the biggest trophy. Second was Mike Bennett of Long Beach. In third we found a surprised Mike "Crasher" Dominguez. The main was re-started because of a big pile-up. Both first place Danny and third place Mike were hurt in it.

Warning to this weeks Pee Wee top three...Beginners is coming soon. Johnny Apodac won the main after qualifying with two firsts. Second place was Frank Saliz, with a first and a second to qualify for the main. Haley's "King of Bikes" man, Ted King, was third at the finish line.