June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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De Anza Cycle Park

DeAnza at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday May 25, 1974
By: T.

The relentless heat and the whoop-dee-doo's made for a fatiguing combination and a string of DNF's for the less experienced riders this Saturday at De Anza, but for those who kept up the pace, the finish was tight to the end.

In the 250 Intermediates, Kevin Anderson (Hus) led the way until his rear tire went flat and pulled him out, though not before he had scored enough for the win. Jeff Ritz (Hon) gladly took over in Anderson's absence and cleaned the Junior's house. Hot behind them both, Kim Walker (Hon) and Randy Lutz (Mon) fought out a tie, with Walker going down and Lutz picking up the precious points for the win. Gary Phillips swept the Open Junior's on his Husky, and Johnny Shaw rode his into first Open Beginner.

The 125 Junior's dropped out like sunstruck flies in the course of the morning, but wily David Rose hung onto his Honda for the win, and John Silva (Hon) came back in the last moto to collect the second. Dave Winters (Hon) beat them both, but since he was a "Beginner" they had no complaints (unlike the other Beginners). Charles Hart lasted through the scorching heat on his Suzuki and totalled up a solid second.

It was Bobby Hart who flailed his Honda to a clean victory in both the Mini Juniors and the 100 Beginners, and Mark Allee (Yam) who ran uncontested in the 100 Juniors. In the Powder Puffs, jammin' Sandy Jamerson (Hon) swept up a first once again, with Debbie Lutz keeping up the unrelenting pursuit on her brother's Elsinore.