June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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CMC-MX at Ascot Park

CMC at Ascot Park
Wednesday May 29, 1974
By: Greg

Due, in part, to the long weekend, last week's attendance was down somewhat from this week's CMC motocross action at Ascot. There were only one hundred and seventy six riders signed up. As usual, this in no way slowed down the action. After last week's upset in the Mini Expert class, Doug Nicol came storming back to sweep all three motos this week. Doug's biggest threat of the evening was Tim Ochoa who lead two of the motos for awhile. Tim ended up second overall. Li the Mini division Don Drackovich won the first two motos. It looked like another sweep, by Ty Cline, who had been steadily improving all evening, got out front in the last moto and held it. Don finished second in the last moto, but still had the overall win.

The 100 Juniors had their share of problems. There were three winners in three motos. No one could keep their act together. When the dust settled and Kelvin's magic pen did it's thing, the man on top was Richard Pedroza, second went to Don Mclver and third to Larry Wilkerson.

Only five 125 Pro riders made it to Ascot this week. Mark Tyer won all three motos with very little trouble. Mike Bell finished second overall, but not without a fight. Mike was challenged all night by Mark Rodman and Jason Yodogawa. Bell finished second in the first two motos, but slipped back to third in the last moto. Yodogawa got second in the last moto.

Warren Reid, whose trade mark is the banners he attaches to his helmet, blew it this week in the 125 Intermediates. Warren, who is near the front, finished third in the first moto, then got into some trouble and ended up thirteenth in the second moto. He came back and won the last moto, but it was to no avail. Louis Morrison, who had finished fifth, first, and second, had the overall. Joe Plante, whose riding was more consistent than anyone else in the class, was second.

By far the largest class of the evening was the 125 Juniors. Fifty seven riders competed in three divisions. Division one started off with Marston Sollender winning the first moto. Marston couldn't keep up with the pace in the second moto and ended up fourth. Joe Signor, who was second in the first moto, won the second moto which gave him a two point advantage over Sollender. Sollender got it all back together and came on strong to win the last moto but it wasn't enough as Signor hung in there for a close second in the last moto for the overall win. Consistency comes out on top again.

In division two, crazy David Sobodos started out a strong second behind Pete Murillo. As things progressed, Sobodos got better and Murillo got worse.. Murillo dropped back to second in the second moto and third in the last moto. This was still good enough for second overall. Sobodos won the overall. Greg Drackovich finished third with twelve points.

Jim Carlson somehow found his way to the winner's circle in the third division. When I say found his way, I really mean it. In the first moto Chuck Brown was first and Bill Boyer second, Carlson was back in fourth place. As things turned out, Brown went down in the second moto, and when the checkered dropped, Boyer was out front, Carlson was third and Brown was at the back of the action. Round three found Brown back out front with Carlson in second and the man with the low score, Boyer was all the way back in sixth. Boyer had to finish fifth in order to win the overall. Boyer found himself with Robert Oliver in fifth place. Oliver would not budge an inch, so Boyer ended up tied for first, with Carlson bettering him in the last moto. This gave Boyer second. Oliver was third and Brown fourth.

The closest race of the night was the 250 Pros. Joe Johnston, on an Ossa, won the first moto with Mark Tyer second, and last week's winner Rick Bean third. Tyer came back to win the second moto with Johnston second and Bean once again third. Bean had been plagued all night with transmission problems. In the third moto, Bean had got his problems sorted out, and jumped out front with Johnston second, Mark Tyer was third. 'When the dust had settled, and the points added up Joe was out front, Mark Tyer was second and Rick Bean was third. There was one point between each of the top three riders.