June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Aviation Finally MXs, Flies Past Costa, Redondo

SAM at Aviation High School
Thursday May 30, 1974
By: Scott

High school motocross just keeps on growing, with the latest race ending up at Aviation High. The students, headed by Mark Lynch and Dave Sobodos, have been fighting for this race for one year. In fact, this race was to take place this time last year, which would have made it the second on-campus high school motocross in Southern California. But as it is, they just look like one of the followers when in fact, they are actually an innovator. Either way, this was one of the best high school motocrosses ever put on.

Crazy Dave Sobodos got too big for bicycle racing so he turned to bikes. He won his class at Aviation and see what happened to his bike in Moto Mouse. Heidbrink photo.

Everything came off like clockwork, with all the operations under control.

Sit back for a second while I give you a brief jaunt around the track. Off the start, which was on a grass field, the riders funneled into a narrow passage with a jump in the middle. This jump was responsible for at least two "hand stand specials," as riders hit it hard and fast. From there, they went into a mild left then into into a mud hole. Making a right and exiting, the racers go on to the track and head on around to a left hand turn which finally leaves them on the home straight.

There, there were two good sized jumps, followed by some whoops and a dog leg bend to the right. After this was a berm ending in a flat trade style left hander. This ended in a couple of small jumps, then a series of esses. From there, an off camber jump then a five foot drop off back into the mud hole. All in all, it was a pretty good track considering what they had to work with.

Aviation had three qualifying motos starting at 1 p.m., with their top three going against the top three from Mira Costa High and Redondo High.

It was really a hard fought race on all accounts, with Aviation coming out on top from the notes I kept.

In the 100 class, the main battle was between Mark Lynch on his PJ's Hodaka and Kirk Robards, also Hodaka-mounted. I believe that Lynch took the overall from his Aviation teammate.

In the 125 class, it was Dave Sobodos (.the kid from Malibu Country Club that almost won the "cross-up into the water" contest with his crazy upside down style) winning two motos to take top honors for Aviation. By the way, at the finish of the third moto, Dave crossed it up for the camera, then came down and broke his swing arm in half on his Elsinore.

Cross it up for the fans was the name of the game at Aviation High School's MX held on campus. This was truly a fine high school happening. Heidbrink photo.

As for the rest of the results, we will pass them on to you as soon as they are made available to us. This race really came off perfect, and we would like to thank all those who helped organize the event and a special big THANKS to PJ's Hodaka for donating all the neat goodies that they gave to all the top riders. Support like that is what this ndustry needs, thanks again PJ's. And congratulations Aviation.