June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Pedal Pushers at Palms Park BMX

at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
Thursday May 23, 1974

The action is half over as the Palms Park ten week series finishes off the first five weeks. In the action this week, it was Jackie Robertson taking the win away from Eden Harvey. Eden, who is now sponsored by Peddlers West, has been winning most of the events recently, but tonight just couldn't keep Jackie back. In the third place was consistent Dee Dee Lestelle.

In the halfway point standings, though, Eden is still ahead, as she has 40 points compared to Tammy Garner's 17 and Jackie Robertson's 15. It will be quite a race for the finish if Jackie can keep up her fine form.

In the Novice class, it was Raymond Salazar winning yet another race. By the way, Raymond is in the lead in the point race with 35. Chuck Sharbrough is second in points, with 26, but he failed to make the top three tonight. Peter Desmond though, did take a second place for the night while Marky Thompson copped a third. Marky is also third in the point standings.

Philip Palfreyman kept up his winning ways in the Amateur class on his Cycles Unlimited mount. Philip is really stretching it out, as he has been dominating this class week after week. In second was another Peddlers West rider, this time Scott Borchetta. Brian McWaid filled out the top three in this class.

Rick's Bike Shop's newest, Dave Clinton, continued his reign over the Junior-Expert class. Dave really can go on his super prepared Rick's bikes, and the points show it as he is in the lead in this class with 20 points. Second tonight was hard riding Perry Kramer, the kid from Bikecology. In third was Cyclo Cross team. As for Charlie, he has 19 points, one shy of tying Clinton for the lead in the class. Marvin Chuch holds down third in the points standings for the five weeks.

In the hard fought Expert class, it was again John Palfreyman taking top honors. Johnny has been winning this class almost every single Thursday for this five week series. Again, tonight was no different. In winning, Palfreyman beat out Brian "The Fox" Ramocinski, the fast ace from Cyclo Cross. This is also how the point standings look with Palfreyman ahead with 42 and Brian trailing with 30. Richard Cantrell rode his Manny's bike in for third, but was not in the top three of the point standings. Instead, it was Thorn Lund, with 14 points.

Well, the next five weeks will be the decider, as these kids will really start going hot and heavy as school nears an end for three months. So head out to Palms for the bike action.