June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Hemet Dusts 4 At DeAnza Park

SAM at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday June 1, 1974
By: T.

A gaggle of trail bikes with number plates and a handful of some ultra-trick one-off machinery set the stage for the first of a series of battles between Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, Palm Springs, Hemet, and Elsinore High Schools this Saturday at De Anza. When the dust had settled though, Hemet had scored a convincing win.

Jay Stranger was Hemet's high scorer m his Honda in the 125 Junior class, as he dogged the heels of 125 Intermediate teammate Tom Burt (Hon) in all three motos, keeping up the pressure enough to get by in the final moto. Moreno Valley's man, Ray McNeil was right behind all the way, waiting for Stranger to make any kind of mistake, but it never came.

Palm Springs took the 125 Beginner points through Kenny Trask (YZ), who earned more points than anyone else of the day by snatching all three motos in a tightly packed class. Elsinore's James Scran ton (Hon) picked up a tidy amount with his second overall.

The 250 Beginners must have set some kind of record for crash and burns, but Elsinore's Mike Rodriguez (Hon) navigated his way through the debris to take the win away from Hemet's Steve Baldwin (Yam) who looked like the easy winner until the final moto.

Keith Patten really showed what one of the Green Meanies can do as he ran away from the 250 Juniors for Moreno Valley and put his sights on 250 Senior Expert Darrell Brown. But Brown, the go-fast of the day, was indomitable, and Patten didn't need to beat him, so he held back for the guaranteed clean sweep of his won class.

In the end, Hemet had taken at least a second or a third in nearly every class, and their consistency definitely paid off.