June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Randy Hardin, Brad Aragon

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Rio Bravo Cycle Park

"Randy Hardin and Brad Aragon battle it out for the top spot in the minicycle class at Rio Bravo. Boy, those kids can fly. Photo by Rob Bishop.

at Rio Bravo Cycle Park
Sunday June 2, 1974
By: Bic

This week Rio Bravo started it's new summer "Beat the Heat" schedule, and the popular Mini Cycles blasted off at 8 a.m.; two hours earlier than their old schedule. Early morning hours must agree with little Mike Yafchak, who won the first moto over John Stephenson and finishing second overall for the day.

Brad Aragon was the overall winner in the 9 years and under Division, with Larry Collins second and Randy Harden third.

The newly formed lOOcc Intermediate class was won by Yamaha-mounted Elgin Breedlove. David McWhorter, after being involved in a five bike pile up, held on for an overall second for the day, third place going to Tom Maples.

In the lOOcc Junior, Rick Eutsler and Obie Wilson vied for the No. 1 spot, and because of the higher finish in the last moto, overall honors went to Rick Eutsler with Obie Wilson second and Marion Wilson third.

In the 125cc Dwight Campbell from Northern Calif, finished 1-2 with Rodney Lewis finishing third.

The 250 Seniors, riding for the 100 per cent payback, found Rickman-mounted Randy Lewis taking home first place money with Honda-mounted Phil Taylor second and Ron Grabel third. After a second place ride in the first moto, Mike Keen, trying to overtake the leaders, fell, dropping him back to a fourth place finish for the day.

In the 250cc Junior, Robert Eason on his Yamaha YZ ran away from the pack for the overall victory. Joe Adkins, from Kernville, second and the Ironman Carl Casanova third.

Open Junior overall victory went to Husky-mounted Tom Church, Wayne King second and Domiiiic Arburua a well deserved third.

This coming Sunday at Rio Bravo will be our regular scheduled motocross for all classes with the Seniors riding for cash. Remember, the new hours. Gates open 6 a.m. practice 7 a.m. races starting at 8a.m. this is our "Beat the Heat" schedule. So be early!