June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Dave Eropkin, Marty Smith

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CMC-MX at Saddleback Park

Dave Eropkin has him now, but no body can keep Marty Smith back from winning any 125 race. Marty, by the way, missed last Friday night's race for his senior prom, so we are told. Photo by Cain-Creative Images.
Dave Eropkin has him now, but no body can keep Marty Smith back from winning any 125 race. Marty, by the way, missed last Friday night's race for his senior prom, so we are told. Photo by Cain-Creative Images.

CMC at Saddleback Park
Sunday June 2, 1974
By: Greg

This Sunday dawned just like the last few Sundays have, overcast and cool. One of those days when all the photographers were just sitting around watching the races. After about five or six motos, things began to look better. The sun started to peek through the clouds; coats and jackets began to come off and things started to look more like a CMC event. The girl watchers began to perk up as more and more good looking bods came out.

The first moto to leave the starting gate was a combined moto with the Mini class and the 100 Juniors. Kenny Allen cleaned house in the Mini class. Kenny won both motos and at times was ahead of some of the bigger more powerful bikes. Had Kenny had just a little more power, he could have out ran the entire field of both classes. When the lap sheets were checked in the second moto Kenny was running second overall.

Chris Grant won the overall in the 100 Junior division. Chris and second place finisher traded wins in the two motos. Gary Bartlett won the first moto but couldn't get out front in the second one.

In the 125 Pro class, Marty Smith lead the first moto up to the last lap and then fell down. This gave Mark Tyer a wide open victory in the moto. But Marty still finished second and came back in the second moto and smoked everyone so bad that it was really unreal. Tyer finished the second moto in second place for the second place.

Alan Smith and Robert Marino swept the 125 Intermediates. Alan won both motos with Robert hot on his back. The pair were never really far apart. 125 Juniors were broke down into two divisions this week. Kipp Kommerstad finished first overall in the first division with Tony Wanket just one point behind him. Scott Clifton won both motos in the second division.

The largest field of the day and the best race that ran all day was the 250 Pros. A total of thirty one 250's lined the starting gate. Rich Eierstedt won both motos with very little trouble. The battle was all in the back where rider after rider went two and three side by side into every turn. Bill Clements finished the day's efforts in second place with Jeff Vidic third and Ray Topham fourth.

Mike Huddleston finished third in both motos to come out on top in the 250 Intermediates. There was no other rider in this class that could keep anything together. Junior Division One in the 250 class was a battle between Craig Boutly and Paul Vogelsang. Paul won the first moto with Craig running a close second and Craig won the second moto and the overall with Paul hot in his tracks. Division two went to Jim Nasser, who won both motos with little trouble. Mark Jacobson was second overall. Jim West flew to victory in both motos in the 500 Pro class. Jim's closest challenge came from Doug Sherman on the new BIG-PENTON. Doug didn't finish in the money though, because he had a flat tire in the first moto while running second. In the second moto he ran a very strong second. Bill Clements grabbed second overall.

Peter Harrison won both motos in the 500 Intermediates. He was challenged in the first moto by Mike Hernandez, but won the second moto with no problem. Running at the same time were the 500 Juniors. Lynn Vick won both motos with Greg Sexton taking second overall with a second and a third.

In last week's story about the big race, I forgot to mention that while the Photos were being snapped of all the give-away stuff at the races, Lynn Vick, who is a distributor for HRL and works with Boge Mulholland also was not around getting his picture taken because he was busy setting up-shocks for guys who were racing. If anyone at the races has any shock problems, Lynn really seems to be well informed on the subject.