Vol. 2  Issue 22 

May 24, 1974

High School Motocross returned to Corona Raceway for the second in a series of school motocrosses in the months of May and June.  Read More... 

Hemet Dusts 4 At DeAnza Park

June 1, 1974

A gaggle of trail bikes with number plates and a handful of some ultra-trick one-off machinery set the stage for the first of a series of battles between Moreno Valley, San Jacinto, Palm Springs, Hemet, and Elsinore High Schools this Saturday at De Anza.  Read More... 

Katella Tops of 7 In OCIR - Yamaha Series

May 30, 1974

Tonight seven High Schools in Orange Country met for the*"New Scene", that of the High School MX.  Read More... 

Arcadia Skunks Keppel, To Meet Azusa, Also Unbeaten

May 31, 1974

Kevin Corson, Mike Follmer

Mark Keppel took a real "whupping" tonight from Arcadia High, being totally outclassed by the guys from Arcadia.  Read More... 

Aviation Finally MXs, Flies Past Costa, Redondo

May 30, 1974

High school motocross just keeps on growing, with the latest race ending up at Aviation High.  Read More... 

Redondo Beach Bicycle MX

May 24, 1974

The action was hot and heavy under warm skies with beautiful race weather, racers and spectators alike took full advantage of the nice day.  Read More... 


May 25, 1974

It doesn't sound like a typical Saturday afternoon, but this is the way it went.  Read More... 

AMC-MX At Rawhide Cycle Park

May 19, 1974

Kevin Willis, Bill Haney

Today was only the second time that the AMC has raced at their newly acquired track in Rawhide Park, but don't think for a moment that because of this there was such a thing as a rider shortage cause there wasn't.  Read More... 

De Anza Cycle Park

May 25, 1974

The relentless heat and the whoop-dee-doo's made for a fatiguing combination and a string of DNF's for the less experienced riders this Saturday at De Anza, but for those who kept up the pace, the finish was tight to the end.  Read More... 

Corona Raceway

May 30, 1974

As the noise problem at Corona Raceway is being licked, and the right silencers are being used, the number of motorcycles is now increasing each week on Thursday nights.  Read More... 

Irwindale Raceway

May 31, 1974

Jim West

Tonight's chapter in the continuing saga of Irwindale's "Quarry Warriors" produced handlebar rattling competition almost beyond belief.  Read More... 

Saturday Saddleback Motocross Racing

June 1, 1974

Lookout 125 Sportsmen 'cause Burt Wald is back in the action at Saddleback.  Read More... 

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May 18, 1974

Today at BUMS was great.  Read More... 

Pedal Pushers at Palms Park BMX

May 23, 1974

The action is half over as the Palms Park ten week series finishes off the first five weeks.  Read More... 

AMC-MX at O.C.I.R. Raceway

May 24, 1974

Tonight at AMC's weekly night motocross races here at OCIR a young 125 Intermediate by the name of Scott Clifton (Hon) did something that I have found to be quite unique be it with what ever club that you happen to race with.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Irwindale Raceway

May 24, 1974

Veteran Jim West of South Pasadena, who only last Friday night startled CMC Motocross fans with a double win performance-both via sweeps-, mixed up the ingredients again this week and repeated the whole show over again.  Read More... 

Rawhide Park

June 2, 1974

Rawhide Park was jammed with racers last Sunday, the California Racing Club pulled in a couple hundred people for a Motocross battle which was cookin' till around 4:00.  Read More... 

Escape Country Results

May 25, 1974

 Read More... 

Escape Country

May 26, 1974

The thermometer was boiling and so were most of the riders today as a summer heat beat down on ECRA.  Read More... 

AMA-MX at Spillway Park

May 26, 1974

A day of action was provided for all this Memorial Day race.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Ascot Park

May 29, 1974

Due, in part, to the long weekend, last week's attendance was down somewhat from this week's CMC motocross action at Ascot.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Saddleback Park

June 2, 1974

Dave Eropkin, Marty Smith

This Sunday dawned just like the last few Sundays have, overcast and cool.  Read More... 

Rio Bravo Cycle Park

June 2, 1974

Randy Hardin, Brad Aragon

This week Rio Bravo started it's new summer "Beat the Heat" schedule, and the popular Mini Cycles blasted off at 8 a.  Read More... 

AMC-MX at O.C.I.R.

AMC at Orange County International Raceway
Friday May 31, 1974
By: Ina

As the sun set slowly in the west and the bright lights luminated the track, it was thirteen action packed races at Orange County. The ambulance left only once tonight, it seems that riders weren't the only thing flying over the jumps, old man Stork decided to visit motocross as the mother-to-be headed for the hospital. Now that's what I call a devoted fan! Read More... 

Viewfinders Grand Prix

The start. This was where many a race was won or lost. Here, the Old Timers make their move for the inside line as they go into the sand wash. If you didn't get a perfect start, it was dust city.

Viewfinders at Indian Dunes
Saturday June 1, 1974
By: Tom

The Seventh Annual Viewfinder's Grand Prix is now history. For another year, one of the four remaining classics is over, as the action was hot and heavy again. It is really too bad that the only "classics" left are the Viewfinders, Four Aces, the OCMC Great Bear, and Hopetown. All four of these races are really more than just that, it is like a commune of motorcycling for thousands. And that is one thing that I will say that almost everyone did: have fun. The big GP's are really the most enjoyable races, as motocross riders, desert folk, and all other forms of motorcyclist make this one. In fact, one rider, Greg Humber, rides just the Viewfinders GP and Hopetown; and Greg used to be a top 125 Expert. These events are something special. Read More... 

CMC-MX at Saddleback Park

Dave Eropkin has him now, but no body can keep Marty Smith back from winning any 125 race. Marty, by the way, missed last Friday night's race for his senior prom, so we are told. Photo by Cain-Creative Images.

CMC at Saddleback Park
Sunday June 2, 1974
By: Greg

This Sunday dawned just like the last few Sundays have, overcast and cool. One of those days when all the photographers were just sitting around watching the races. After about five or six motos, things began to look better. The sun started to peek through the clouds; coats and jackets began to come off and things started to look more like a CMC event. The girl watchers began to perk up as more and more good looking bods came out. Read More... 

AME-MX at Valley Cycle Park

They’re off! The 100 class takes off from Valley Cycle Park at Sunday’s AME motocross. Hatounian photo

AME at Valley Cycle Park
Sunday June 2, 1974
By: Chris

Mike Todd, Billy Payne and Jeff Black were all big winners at the American Motocross Enterprise's Sunday motocross mash. Their wins were not easily won as they had to contend with two 30 minute motos. Read More... 

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