June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Redondo Beach Bicycle MX

at Redondo Beach Bicycle MX
Friday May 24, 1974
By: Mother

The action was hot and heavy under warm skies with beautiful race weather, racers and spectators alike took full advantage of the nice day. In the first rounds of action the nine year olds fought their best to put on a real good show. The little ones really get out there and do their best. Matt Wallace did his best by winning, with Dave Shell coming in a close second.

Kandi Williams decided to compete against the 12-13 Novice and Expert boys (she says there's not as much competition with the girls), she came in third over all in her class. Not bad for a girl.

Jackie Robertson was the out of towner who took first place in the Powder Puff's with Therese Grenke coming in second. As always in the 14 and over Expert class there was a lot of action, Steve Grenke did a fine job of racing, but with a few crash and burns, he ended up third over all. Dan Oakley came in second with John Palfreyman doing a very fine job winning the first place spot.