June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Katella Tops of 7 In OCIR - Yamaha Series

When you're racing for your school, you really go all out trying to bring home the bacon. Corley photo.
When you're racing for your school, you really go all out trying to bring home the bacon. Corley photo.

SAM at Orange County International Raceway
Thursday May 30, 1974
By: Ina

Tonight seven High Schools in Orange Country met for the*"New Scene", that of the High School MX. The crowds are growing each week as the inter-school competition is catching on like wild-fire. Who says you have to be a Football Hero to get the screams and squeels of all these Chicks? Just slip into a pair of leathers, grab a helmet, and hop onto the 'ole scooter, and win it for the Alma-Mater and collect trophies, kisses, and lots of cheers from your High School fan club. As if that wasn't enough to build up the ole ego, the top 125 rider from each school will be selected to ride in a special event at the Biggy, the SUPER BOWL on June 22.

It was Westminster, Monroe, Wilson, Western, Katella, Valley, and Huntington who met to pit their best in seven exciting races. Katella, was the overall winner tonight with some well known riders scoring top honors and being backed up by a team of twenty five racers in all. Three iivisions are run, Beginner, Junior and Expert, with class of 0-100,101-125, and 126-Open.

In the 125 Jr. Div. it was Scot Breithaupt from Wilson High who took the final win. It was Kenny Taylor from Western taking the first moto and Scot pulling second. Second moto it was Scot all the way and Ken second. Ken was also riding in the 250 division and the second moto was in first overall position coming into the back sweeper.slid out with his leg pinned under the bike. He was taken to the Hospital with a possible broken leg, a loss for him and for Western. Scot went on to take first all the way the third moto, with Western's Mark Brooks in for second, and third, Rick Seefried from Westminster.

Two high schoolers high ball it into a turn at OCIR's Saturday night bash.  Corley photo.
Two high schoolers high ball it into a turn at OCIR's Saturday night bash. Corley photo.

The Open Jr. and Expert Division were combined for a full field of top riders, you sure found no slouches here. Davy Carlson riding for Katella was the grand slam winner all three mote's as he was for the 125 Expert class. First moto it was Carlson, Tim Hamner, also for Katella and Danny Finell another teammate. Second moto it was Carlson, Hamner, and Lexie Holtsclaw • for Valley drove his way through for third position with Finell in fourth. Third moto, Carlson again took the lead as only Carlson does. He made quite a silhouette as he flew off the "Spring Board" jump and landed half-way down the short straight. You could hear the Ohhh's and Ahhh's from the grandstands as he did his thing. Hamner again pulled second for the overall place and Finnell hung on to third as Holtsclaw sat on his heels, but was never able to pass before the flag.

You never know for sure what you'll see at one of these events. One rider showed up in the 100 Division with headlight and tail light both on, there was no number so I don't know which school will claim him. A contestant from Monroe, Stuart Weinslein made it difficult for any rider riding behind him to concentrate by wearing a life size Frankenstein Mask on (he back of his helmet, that could have a surprising effect at night racing.

Remember, every Thursday and Saturday night at seven it's High School MX, so come on out and support your school. The well planned and coordinated program is over early, usually by ten o'clock. A special summer semes is on the program which will get underway July 6th, which will be open for students, faculty and graduates from participating High Schools.

See Ya Next Race.