June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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De Anza Cycle Park

DeAnza at DeAnza Cycle Park
Sunday May 26, 1974
By: T.

The sun was out again Sunday at De Anza and made for some battle weary riders dicing to the very end in a contest of control and endurance.

Leading the 250 Sr. Experts was Don Simonian on his flying Suzuki, though problems forced his third moto retirement and gave Hulon Morrow (Hon) the hard win overall. Close behind was John Ward on his Honda who took the Intermediate win by a tensely narrow margin over Chris Beck's Rickman. Jeff Feinberg's (Hon) first two moto wins were enough to net him the Junior overall despite a final DNF. Len Foster winged his Yamaha to a clean sweep in the Beginners ahead of Jerry Ragsdale and his Suzuki, while Chuck Sickler (Yam) set himself a consistent pace and pulled off the Open Beginner overall.

Doug McGowen looked to be the 125 Junior victor on his Suzook, but Richard Boten (Suz) snatched it away after being moved up from the Beginner class by the track officials. E.J. Norris (Hon) came way back from a slow first moto to grab the third. Not far behind lurked Mickey McDougal (Yam) who came on strong in the final two motos to get the Beginner win. Carl Wigelsworth (YZ) came through for the second.

In the 175 Beginners, Billy Jackson pulled off a dean sweep on his Yamaha, while Robert Holcomb (Yam) ran uncontested in the Juniors.

The Mini Beginners saw some tight dueling going on with Mark Williams (Hon) ending up with the hard earned first, Kavin Bowden (Hon) right behind with the second, and Alberto Gacharna (Hon) following closely for the third. In the 100 Beginners, Gene Larson took the first by a single point on his Yamaha, putting in a fine ride out in front of the pack.