June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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AMC-MX at O.C.I.R.

AMC at Orange County International Raceway
Friday May 31, 1974
By: Ina

As the sun set slowly in the west and the bright lights luminated the track, it was thirteen action packed races at Orange County. The ambulance left only once tonight, it seems that riders weren't the only thing flying over the jumps, old man Stork decided to visit motocross as the mother-to-be headed for the hospital. Now that's what I call a devoted fan!

In the Mini division it was Beg., Rick Hughes first place winner, with Novice Chris Cayo, also taking a first, but it was Jamie Oliver, Inter, who dominated the pack for the overall win.

Fourteen 100's hit the gate, with the dominating class being Beginners, that win going to Mike Nicklaus (Yam) with two first and one second. The Novice win was Ron Flores (Yam) all the way, with Chris Grant (Yam) taking the Jr. win and Int. going to Mike Joanson (Yam).

One hundred and seven 125's appeared to do battle tonight, with fifty eight being in the Jr. Division. Needless to say it was necessary to run three divisions. Duane Cave, Bill Boyer, and Mike Bugby were all first place winners, Bill Boyer (Suz) being the only one to take all three motos out front. The Novice first went to Honda borne, Randy Howler. The Jr. and Inter, teamed together for an eighteen man line up. It was Inter. Scot Clifton (Hon) and Mike Johnson (Hon) who lead the pack way out front all three motos.

In the 125 Expert class Dave Carlson took the overall win, but had to do some mighty tall riding to get it. He had some hard competition, it was Warren Reid (Ron) who flew off the line the first moto and took a lead no one could come near, Marty Miller held down second while Carlson was back in sixth place, fighting his way past Mark Rodman (Hon) and Steve Gannon (Hon) for a third. Second moto it was again Reid who blasted out front with Carlson in second this time and closing in on Reid in the sixth lap and taking him the seventh lap in the cork screw turns, and Rodman coming right behind for third. Third moto Reid again took the lead but seemed to be losing ground, Carlson moved in on the turn taking the lead, followed again by Rodman, with Reid dropping back a rider each lap. As the flag dropped it was Rodman who took the win having passed Carlson off the jump the seventh lap, so it was Carlson, Rodman and Reid. As Reid entered the pits it was apparent why he lost his ground, both his springs on his shocks were coil bound.

In the 250 Division, Novice, Steve Castle (CZ) took the win as did Jr. rider Tom Cross. In the Inter, class, Glenn Tanka (YZ) meet his competition tonight in a new AMC rider, Steve VanWormer. Tanaka took the first moto with VanWormer setting on his fender, the second and third motos it was VanWormer way out front, for the overall win.

When the Experts hit the dirt it was Morris Malone all the way with Bruce Baron taking three seconds. Baron sat on Malone knobby's and charged and recharged but couldn't quite get around the elusive Malone.

The Open Division wins went to Beg. Scott Sonnemburg Novice, Gil Smith, Jr. Ed Peters, Inter. Dave Drozco, and Expert, Steve Sullivan.

It was a well packed evening of exciting racing, and the fans feeling they got their money's worth. Be sure and listen for the offical results from OCIR on radio KPAX, FM.