June 12, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 22

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Escape Country

Two big bikes make it around the new Escape Country track. The changes make the track a touch more difficult, just ask the riders.   Blythe photo.
Two big bikes make it around the new Escape Country track. The changes make the track a touch more difficult, just ask the riders. Blythe photo.

ECRA at Escape Country
Sunday May 26, 1974
By: Ina

The thermometer was boiling and so were most of the riders today as a summer heat beat down on ECRA. The water truck and hoses used for keeping the track and starting gate wet were a welcome break for the riders as they came off the track and enjoyed a drenching. Many riders left from over heat before the final moto. It was just one of those days. A few more changes had been made to improve the track and safety of the riders. Thirteen races in all, three motos, five laps for First Day, Beginners, and Novice, seven for Intermediate and Expert.

Joe Halagan (Hon) who has been trophying each week took the win for the Super Mini Nov., with Inter., John Vasquez pulling it together for his division. In the 100 Div. Mike Vasquez (Hon) and Corky Robinson (Suz) picked up their first Motocross trophies. Yamaha rider Talph Turnbull took the win for the Beginner class as did Robert Dale (Hod) for the Novice.

Beginner class seem to dominate at ECRA, today the 125's were run in two divisions. It was Paul Sanders (Hon) and Greg Knight (Hon) who pulled off top place. The Novice class was dominated by Ricky Taylor (Hon) followed by Rob Schafner (Hon), Christopher Mullen (Suz), and Richard Lamis (Hon). The battle of the Inter, went to that hard riding Mike Lyons (JBR) with Danny Jean (Hon) second and third going to Phil Tignor. The Expert purse was taken by Penton rider, David Turk, and David Bush (Hon).

The 250 First Day was a little short today but Bill Anaya collected a trophy and walking papers. Beginners Mike Cody (Yam) Russ Kriuchuk (Hon), and John DiMassa (Hus) all did their thing. The Novice win was taken by Kirk Matkin (Bul) with Tom Kleeman (Hon) second followed by Dennis McGrady (CZ) and John Gilbertson (Hon).

The Inter. 250 div. all breathed a sigh of relief when Danny Finell (CZ) and Steve VanWormer (Yam) both gave the Expert class a try. These two have dominated the Inter. Division for some time. Ken Taylor (Mai) had an easy win taking all three motos, with Alan McCown (Suz) second.

Five 250 Experts hit the gate with VanWormer out front each moto and landing on the ground each time. After several spills he figured out that if you ride with a badly cracked steering head you will more than likely end up in the dirt. Danny Finell went on to take the grand slam and all of VanWormers money, oh well as Steve was heard to say, "there's always next week, Danny!!

A good group of Opens lined up, and it was Henry Manney (Bul) who took home the win for the First Day and Jim Kramer (Mai) for the Beginners. Maico rider Guy •Austin got it together for the Novice win with Craig DeSoucy second; third, David Edwards (CZ) and Kenny Best (Yam) in for fourth. The Expert purse was picked up by Mike Brown (CZ).

Don't forget, two days of racing each week, overnight camping, no charge. And be sure to tune in on Sat. at 8:15 a.m. or 5:45 p.m. on radio.KPAX FM, for all the local track reports and what is happening in the great world of Motorcycle racing. See Ya Next Race.