April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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High School MX at O.C.I.R.

SAM at Orange County International Raceway
Saturday April 19, 1975
By: Tom

As the summer and the Superbowl of Motocross nears the High School MX turnout continues to grow stronger. More schools are being entered at one time and now contingency prizes are being given to the lucky riders who are picked at random.

It was also a night of breakos for many of the top racers. Steve Sandoz of Bolsa Grande (the overall winning school) smoked a somewhat small 100 Junior class over Sherman Vandeman and did it with a flat tire on his Suz. Meanwhile Jay Lukins and Craig McKee were both having a dramatic dice at the end of this pack in the Mini class. With one lap to go in the final third moto McKee passed Lukins but not easily and then on the finish comer Lukins regained his lead.

Phil Tignor of Pacifica could have been the fastest guy on the track seen the whole night and Phil ran away with the 125 Expert win. He did this by winning the first and third moto but was another of the many who had bike hassles as he broke a chain in the second moto I believe. Terry Clanton of Cal Hi trailed Phil for the most part in second and ended up in that position for the night as well. However Terry had his share of the bike breakos as well because his stinger in the end of his down pipe broke off during practice so the bike definitely lacked horses.

Come on give me a break! Well it looks like I've got a few more breaks to talk about and the next broken machine fell into the hands of Kevin Walker of Bolsa who was doing fine in the 250 Beginners. Kev was hauling down the new straight when I heard a clinging sound. He pulled over to the side of the track and sure enough the engine lunched itself. So Doug Cave of Troy ended up winning that contest. And yet another! Kevin Willis who ended up soloing in the 250 Expert race was leading the 250 Junior riders who were following him such as Tom Cross and Leo Saul when his fast Husky kicked off with mechanical hassles.