April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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CMC MX at Irwindale Raceway

Lance Moorewood was the Mini Expert winner at Irwindale for the second week in a row. He took all three motos. Photo by Buzz.
Lance Moorewood was the Mini Expert winner at Irwindale for the second week in a row. He took all three motos. Photo by Buzz.

CMC at Irwindale Raceway
Friday April 18, 1975
By: Buzz

Lance Moorewood did it to the Mini Experts for the second week in a row. Behind Lance's three firsts was Rick Simmons with three seconds for second overall, with Ron Utaski getting third overall. Robert Gray repeated his win over the Mini Juniors, division one, just like last week, except this week he did it with a first and a pair of seconds. Gordon Hunter's win in the last moto helped to get him the second overall trophy, while Clyde Wilson earned the third overall spot. Shon Andersen, who was off his pace last week, got it together for tonight and gathered together a pair of firsts and a second for first overall. Kavin Bowden and Rick Bruhanski rounded out the top three places for division two of the Mini Juniors.

Ty Rickey won all three motos for the 100 Juniors, just like Pat Nash had been doing to the troops, but tonight Pat was riding with the 125 Juniors. Getting in for second overall was Rick Zamora, while third went to John Wilson. There were no sweeps for the 125 Juniors tonight. In division one it was Jim Hanis in for first overall, Jim Gallagher getting second overall, and third going to Jeff Lammers, with Pat Nash getting in for fourth overall. The top spot in division two went to Gary Pendleton, followed by Mike Johns and Mark Brown for second and third. Gary Jakob took third place in all three motos for division three, and that was good for first overall. Greg Bedford took second with a second and two fourth place finishes. Although Mark Braun-walder won the last two rounds, his eleventh place in the first moto caused him to have to settle for third overall tonight.

The subject of last week's interview in Southern California Motocross, David Taylor, was down on horsepower last week and had trouble beating even his own shadow. But such was not the case tonight for David and his Honda, as he swept uncontested all three of the motos. He had pressure from Tim Lunde in the first two rounds, and then got some from Jim Domann and Chuck Lunde in the third round. But it wasn't anything that the "Little Giant Killer" couldn't handle. Tim Lunde, last week's winner, gave it everything he had, but the best he could do was second overall, with third going to the aforementioned, Jim Domann to complete another Honda sweep. David is qualified for the upcoming July 18th High School Superbowl of Motocross. He is definitely going to be an odds-on favorite.

Steve "Moto" Cross was cooking at Irwindale Friday night on his fast Poway Suzuki-sponsored Honda. He smoked by taking all three motos in the 125 Intermediate class. Division II. Photo by Buzz.
Steve "Moto" Cross was cooking at Irwindale Friday night on his fast Poway Suzuki-sponsored Honda. He smoked by taking all three motos in the 125 Intermediate class. Division II. Photo by Buzz.

The 125 Intermediate ranks are again getting entries to the extent that two divisions must be run for the class. Division two was a real scramble. Steve Glatts, last week's winner, won the final two motos, but it was all to no avail, when Vince Van Hook won the first moto and then kept the rubber solidly on the ground, to notch a second and third in rounds two and three. In that first moto that Van Hook won, Glatts couldn't keep the rubber on the ground and finished seventh. So it was Van Hook in for the win, Glatts second, with Steve Schilling getting third. In division one, Steve "Moto" Cross dueled it out with Rick Fiore in round one and Lance Bryson in rounds two and three. In each case, the results were the same, Steve was across the finish line first, on his Poway Suzuki Honda, nailing down the overall victory ahead of Bryson in for second and Fiore in third.

The 250 Pro class was a bit more normal than last week, what with Jeff Vidic being back. The results were amazing. Vidic won the first two rounds with no sweat. Rex Staten was present on his Ossa, but was having fuel feed problems, and when he killed his engine he couldn't get re-started in time for the first moto. The second round, Rex got third behind Vidic's win, with Pessy finishing second on his Mon-tesa, just as he did in the first round. Vidic's downfall came in round three, when with the lead well in hand, Tamietti running second, and Pessy third, Tamietti unintentionally ran into the back of Vidic's Maico, as Vidic, Tamietti and Pessy were braking for the 180 degree switchback off the back chute. Tamietti ended up against the wire fence as Pessy took the lead. Vidic got re-started, but with the time remaining could only get back up to fifth place. Pessy with two seconds and a first, then took the overall victory, with Vidic getting second, and Tamietti third. This is unofficial and I won't swear to it, but according to John Bethea, this was David Pessy's 80th CMC victory, surpassing Tim Hart for all-time CMC victories. Rex Staten was also entered in the 500 Pro class on a Moto-Villa. The bike was box-stock, and without being set-up to suit Rex, Staten didn't prove to be much of a threat to another sweep of the 500 Pros by Bill Rubly. This makes eleven straight moto wins for Bill, who is really on a streak. Finishing second overall was just like last week, Curtis Lessel, with third going to Jeff Jennings. Jennings had the lead in the second round, but came into the finish line turn, off the Wheelsmith Jump, way too hot on the third lap, and couldn't get slowed down enough to make the corner, taking his CZ into the course banners. Jeff did come back with some hard riding to move back up to second for that moto, but it was still only good for third overall, as Bill Rubly continues to move away in the CMC points standings.

Don't forget, this was only the second week of the current nine-week series now in progress here at Irwindale. But, it's not too late to get started. Although there are nine weeks in the series, only the best six will be counted for points purposes. Don't forget that Ascot opens up with CMC Wednesday night motocross next month. This year Stu Peters and Kelvin Franks are starting it off with a bang. A five or six week series that will culminate in a bunch of really good prizes being awarded to the series winners and runner-ups. The list isn't complete, but as of right now, prizes in dollar value are up over twelve hundred dollars.

Vince Van Hook brought out his Rocky's Rocket from Whittier Honda to take first overall in the 125 Intermediate class at Irwindale Friday night. Photo by Buzz.
Vince Van Hook brought out his Rocky's Rocket from Whittier Honda to take first overall in the 125 Intermediate class at Irwindale Friday night. Photo by Buzz.

Jeff Jackson, who last week in the combined 500 Junior Intermediates, won all three motos outright to claim first overall for the Juniors, looked like he was about to do the same thing this week as the 500 Juniors ran by themselves. Jackson won motos one and three, but in between he dropped to fourth, while Tom Earle and his Maico followed Jackson and his Maico home in motos one and three, then came back to win round two, beating Jackson by one point for the overall victory. Jackson was second with Honda mounted Phil Serjeant getting up for third. In the 500 Intermediates, it was a real dog fight between Suzuki mounted Cliff Hicks, CZ mounted Trent McGee, as well as the CZ's of Rocky Vanzant and John Carmona. Hicks won the first round with Byron Hendricks getting second and McGee third. Trent then came back to win rounds two and three, while Hicks finished second and third. As in the Junior class, it was McGee taking first overall with five points, Cliff Hicks second with six, Vanzant getting third.

There are times when Roy Holsheimer looks just absolutely unbeatable in the 250 Intermediate class. Just like tonight. He won rounds one and three, sucking the silencers right out of all the competition. He fell to ninth in the second round when Larry Lutz came up to win it. Neither Larry Lutz nor Roy Holsheimer was the overall winner. The overall winner was CZ mounted Jerry Lowell riding steady rounds of three, four, two, all of which added up to number one in the final results. Second went to Honda mounted Tim Suva with a pair of seconds and a fifth. Holsheimer did get in for the final show spot. It never seems to fail, consistency pays off.

I really don't know what to say about these 250 Juniors. Every time I looked around, there was another group of them piled up on the ground. Carl Collura was one of those on the ground in the first round, getting up to finish thirteenth. Carl then came back to win the final two rounds on his Montesa, but it was good for only third overall. Jon Bergstrom found himself and his Honda immeshed in one of the tangles in the second round, ending up ninth. But his first and third round finishes of second and third was good for second overall, just one point better than Carl. Meanwhile, Honda mounted Steve Brady' kept the rubber on the ground and his Maico out of any tangles to finish one, three, four for his three rides notching the overall victory.