April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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Monday Night High School Motocross at Ascot Park

SAM at Ascot Park
Monday April 14, 1975
By: Tom

Ascot's Monday night high school motocross program continues to grow, as the Superbowl of Motocross draws near.

Many top riders were on hand last Monday, and some excellent battles went on to collect those valuable points towards the Coliseum Championship in July.

Arroyo High's David Taylor continued his amazing undefeated streak at Ascot, as the Pasadena Honda rider captured his eighth straight overall victory in the 125cc Expert division. Taylor has proved that he will definitely be the rider to beat in July at the Coliseum Championships, and David is also one of the top 125cc Pro riders in the Southern California area.

Finishing second behind Taylor was improving Vince Van Hook of South Hills High in Covina with third going to Husqvarna-mounted Jerry Stevens.

The 125cc Junior class always supplies an abundance of action, and last Monday was no expection.

In the first moto, Narbonne High's Rod Davidson, the leader in the 125 Junior points for the Superbowl, grabbed the lead at the start, as Davidson's Kawasaki was really getting with the program. The Suzuki rider, Steve Moore of Long Beach Jordan, held down the second spot, as the Long Beach Honda rider switched to a Suzuki with his Honda out with engine problems. Pete Murillo of Carson High kept his Honda in the third position with Jim Gallagher and Joe Licciardi, both of Carson, following.

In the second moto, Davidson again took the lead into the first turn, as the Kawasaki was again moving out. Fleming Junior High's Greg Draskovich, who finished eighth in the first moto, also got an excellent start, and ran second throughout the second moto. Davidson pulled away from the rest of the field, and took another easy win. Draskovich placed second with third to Moore.

In the final moto, Gallagher jumped off to the lead with Davidson second and the rest of the field tightly bunched. Gallagher later pulled away to take the easy victory. Davidson finished second in the third moto, and took the overall class honors to keep his point lead towards the Superbowl. Marty Smith of Artesia finished third in the final moto with fourth going to Rick Nelson of Alhambra.

In the overall standings, Davidson took the number one slot with Moore second following by Gallagher, Smith and Draskovich.