April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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Kenny Zahrt, Mike Sixberry

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Track Masters Racing Assn. at Valley Cycle Park

Kenny Zahrt rockets off the line on his new 250 Montesa along with Dirt Digger Mike Sixbarry. The Saturday flock of Experts at Valley Cycle Park is very inspiring. Kiel photo.
Kenny Zahrt rockets off the line on his new 250 Montesa along with Dirt Digger Mike Sixbarry. The Saturday flock of Experts at Valley Cycle Park is very inspiring. Kiel photo.

T.M.R.C. at Valley Cycle Park
Saturday April 19, 1975
By: John

Track Masters' Racing Assn., con¬tinuing to dish up plenty of action each and every Saturday, returned today to the big motocross track at Valley Cycle Park in Moorpark. It was to be a day packed with complete displays of sportsmanship, riding ability and full-bore motorcycle rocketry.

The racing ability was self-evident; the sportsmanship aspect, we'll get into a bit later in this report; and the propulsions of rocketry, well, you would have had to have been a spectator to have appreciated that. Young Joe Cole, who was appearing in only his third motocross competition, rolled a swift Suzuki to a 2-1 tally, an¬nexing an overall victory among riders in the division for Novice contestants on the lOOcc bikes, defeating, among others Craig Thompson and Jon Ackley, both of whom were astride Suzi's. Minicycle winner was John Drury, collecting his first overall triumph on a Saturday program, a well-prepared Yamaha for Simi Valley Yamaha people.

Kenny Zahrt, returning again to Saturday warfare at "Valley" on a Montesa, sailed to two straight wins against brother Dave Zahrt (Bul) in the pair of thirty-minute motos for 250 Pros. Runners-up to the top two included Jim O'Neal, looking strong on a Can-Am cycle for Kolbe's in Woodland Hills, Don Irby (Bui) and Mike Sixberry, who was having a few problems on his Bay Area Bultaco. John Maroney Sr. (Mai) tallied an easy win for Open Pros. While Jeff Henneke (Hon) fought a back-and-forth dice amongst the "125" Experts, before finally collecting the overall over Eddie Clark (Hon), Jeff Kaplan (Hus) and Gene Maple (Hon), who did not make it back to the starting gate for the second round battle.

In conflicts for the 125cc Sportsman divisions, ultimate victories went to Steve Christensen (Hon) Intermediate; Powder Puffer Chelle Blythe (Hon) 125 Novice; and Suzuki-mounted Kevin Sorensen, who rode against a good field of Beginners.

John Roberts, on a Bultaco, grand-slammed the two events for 250 Novices, and both by rather good margins at the final wire. Getting two second place finishes was John Swendsen (Bul), while Honda rider Dermie Close was able to garner a pair of thirds.

Against the Open Novices, it was all Bill Hagen, mounted aboard a scorcher of a CZ. Runners-up to Hagen included Tom Samuelson (Mai) and Mark Kiel (Mai) for the people at Kiel's Cycle Parts of Santa Monica.

In a true display of sportsmanship that we mentioned earlier in this article, Kenny Zahrt, who was a winner of the popular •TWO-UP" race that Track Masters' has been featuring every Saturday at half time, donated a beautiful three-foot trophy to first Novice finisher in the event, John Roberts and his passenger.

In still another display of sportsmanship, many of the Pro riders-realizing that the Saturday racing programs at Valley Cycle Park, though attempting to grow each weekend, are certainly not making any money for promoter Al Jackson-did not wish to accept their payoff money. They stated, to a man, that they were having so much fun that they could go without the rewards.

However, Al insisted—and finally prevailed-that they take the loot. Come on out to "Valley" on a Saturday. Keep these programs rolling!!