April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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CMC MX at Southbay Speedway

CMC at Southbay Speedway
Friday April 18, 1975
By: John

Last week the races were cancelled because of so much rain, parts of the track were under water. Tonight the track was in good shape, even though we had a lot of rain during the week. One thing was changed from last week, there were two motos instead of three, the Pros and Intermediates rode for eight laps and the Juniors rode five laps. The Mini stocks started out the night of racing, Rene Perez, riding a Honda, was leading the first moto. But along came John Simpson on a Yamaha and took the lead and the checkered flag, Perez was second and Mark Smith (Yam) took third. In their second moto for the night Simpson did it again for overall winner, but Mark Smith got in for second this time, and third was Perez.

The Mini mods were next, and little Scott Meyer on a real trick Honda was so far ahead of the field, just riding with ease, and at the finish he just about lapped the last rider. He did this in both his motos. Tracy Evans on a Honda took overall second, and Pam Couture riding a Yamaha was third. In the lOOcc class a Yamaha ridden by John Sotelo was the overall winner, Sam Ryan rode his Suzuki to the overall second and third was Rick Relucio on a Honda. The race in the 125 Pro class was extra special tonight because of two guys, Ron Turner and Broc Glover. They both were riding Hondas tonight and these guys have been going at each other for a long time, from last year here at Southbay to Four Corners, Carlsbad, Saddleback, O.C.I.R., and even back at Snake River and Texas last month. It's one of those things where I'm going to win this time, that's the thinking off both of them every time they meet.

The first moto was off and Ron Turner was out front, behind him was Broc Glover, Kenny Frost (Hon), Eduardo Garcia (Ban) and these three were involved in a crash on the first lap which gave Turner a big lead and he went on to win. Glover came up to get second with Bob Murray (Hon) third.

In the next moto Turner was out front again but not for long. Glover went around Turner and the chase was on, but Ron bent his brake lever (I didn't think he used it anyway) and had to slow down some so Glover won out here. The way he was riding I believe he would have won no matter what So Turner was second, Bob Murry got third and Kenny Frost (Hon) was fourth. The winner in the 125 Intermediate class went to Doug Knudson on a Honda.

In the first Division of 125 Juniors Dan Lounsbury on a D.G. Honda had the lead but must have got tired or something as Eric Mullennix and Rick Wade both on Hondas passed Dan, and this moto ended Mullennix, Wade, then Lounsbury. The second time out Lounsbury stayed in front all the way and came out overall winner. Next was Rick Wade second overall and third in this moto was Curt Tyree also on a Honda.

The second division for 125 Juniors riders was running with Randy Hess (Hon) going all the way in front for a win. Pat Dwyer (Suz) took second and third went to Rick Gomez on a YZ. In their second moto for the night Rick Gomez came out on top this time, followed by Pat Dwyer for second and Mike Wolfe (Hon) came up for third.

Randy Bums has been the guy to beat in the 250 class down here, but tonight was not the night for anyone to do it, as Bums rode his Yamaha for two easy wins. Getting the overall second was Vick Woolen (Mon) with a third and second, the third spot went to Doug Mello on a Husky. Mike McGowan got bumped in the first moto and had fork trouble, keeping him out of both motos. The 250 Intermediate winner was Tim Marsh (CZ), Darrell Bounds (Yam) was second, and Bobby Shields (Hus) got third.

Shane Smith was riding his brother's 250 Honda tonight. As the first 250 Junior race started Shane had the corner first and was pulling away, then crash, he went down so it was from first to last place for Shane in this moto. Steve Smith (Mai) took the win, Curt Johnson (CZ) was next then came Stan King (Yam). The next moto was the same thing except no crash. This time Shane went all the way in front. Now Shane doesn't want to ride his 125 bike he says this 250 fits me good, maybe so? Steve Smith got second in this moto giving him first overall. Karslen Berg grabbed third on a Honda. The second Division of 250 Juniors riders saw Robert Cooper (Mai) coming thru for first overall, getting overall second was Bill Klepper (Bul) and the third spot for Bruce Smith on a Husky.

Kenny Frost was the 500 Pro winner for the night riding his penton for two firsts. Giving him some trouble in the first moto was Mike Stephenson (CCM) but Mike had clutch trouble putting him out for the night. Tom Omelina (CZ) was second for this night. The overall winner in the 500 Intermediate was Colin Piggott (Hus), second place was Willy Cheney (Mai) and third Mike Tague (KTM). Mack McNutty (Yam) won both motos tonight for 500 Juniors. This looks like something which might happen often. Good riding Mack. Dan Frost (Suz) got second overall tonight, this is Kenny's not so little brother, and third was Mick Jacobson (Kaw). There's a guy out here riding with the 500 Juniors named Rodger Adist he's 34 years old and in his second year of motocross after eight years of Pro stock DRAG RACING. I want to say the trophies South Bay is giving away this year are really good looking with names and dates on the plate really nice over last year's. See you next Friday night I hope. Karan thanks for the help every week.