April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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John Smith

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High School Qualifiers at Carlsbad Raceway

John Smith, one of the Carlsbad Raceway Team, was moving out in the 125 Pro class at Carlsbad.
John Smith, one of the Carlsbad Raceway Team, was moving out in the 125 Pro class at Carlsbad.

SAM at Carlsbad Raceway
Saturday April 12, 1975

The competition is getting heated up but good at Carlsbad, with the first and third Saturdays from now until June 15 for the final slots to be awarded to the top riders in several classes to race the biggie......THE HIGH SCHOOL SUPERBOWL ON JULY 18th.

Running under the S.A.M. program the HIGH POINT RIDERS at this time line up with some pretty good competition to the other riders qualifying at the other S.A.M. sanctioned tracks.

In the 100 Junior class, Corki Moore, riding for Carlsbad Race Team and Carlsbad High School is in first point standing, following very closely behind, Pat Nash, recent grad of Husqvarna Training Center, in second. New rider, Danny Dilkey from Torry Pines High is in a good third position, and little Rick Miller, San Diego Coin Exchange brother, is in fourth.

In the 125 Junior class, some of the best young riders from San Diego are in the top end positions for qualifying.

Val Dielgat, new 125 Junior rider, is in first, with Rod Guinto, Carlsbad Race Team rider, holding a strong second. Third finds Val's brother, Jeff Deilgat in a good third position, with Scott Paavarrud in fourth. Chuck Connoly, lately plagued with bike breaks, and riding for San Diego Coin Exchange is in fifth, team mate Rod Miller in sixth, and Corki Moore, another Carlsbad Race team rider holding a good lead for seventh. Then comes Paul Martin, Coin Exchange rider, and Jim Burton, in eight and ninth. Mike Yada, from Carlsbad High is in tenth, Jim Fukuda, Carlsbad Race Team rider in llth. Two of the expected high point riders will be riding make up races as they missed a couple of qualifiers, Dan Schramm, hot young rider for San Diego Coin Exchange, and Peter Wanket, newest rider for CRT. Both of these riders are always in the top three in any race.

The 250 Junior class is pretty tightly sewed up for Jeff Wenzel, with a whoppin lead over second place Bud Anderson, and Lee Dyer in third.

The 250 Expert class has one rider going for sure, Mike Douthoit, from Oceanside High. The 125 Expert class is dominated by Tony Wanket, CRT rider, with Doug Knudsen in second, John Smith, CRT rider, in third, and Broc Glover, the youngest Pro rider for Carlsbad Race team in fourth.