April 30, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 16

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High School Motocross at Corona Raceway

AMA at Corona Raceway
Friday April 18, 1975
By: Sharon

It's about time Corona Race track is heard from for High School motocross.

Poly, Upland, La Sierra, Norco, San Jac combined with Hemet were ready for a full evening of races. The track was really in excellent condition.

Starting off the evening it looked like Poly and Upland had their track teams pushing their bikes to the starting line.

The 100 Novices started the race off with Phil Thorstensen riding a Hodaka for La Sierra taking the overall win with Dave Paine of Upland pushing him for second and Ron Rossetti taking a third on a Hodaka.

It was Todd Miller from Poly all the way for the Mini class win.

David Jones riding for La Sierra and riding for Desert Motorcycles Supply took his new super rat out in the 100 Intermediate division making three straight wins. Riding again in the 125 class with the same bike-he didn't get the overall win but he put up a good fight duking it out with Karl from Upland on a Honda 125.