April 16, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 14

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High School Qualifier at Carlsbad Raceway

SAM at Carlsbad Raceway
Saturday April 5, 1975

Again, another accident free day, thanks to small number of riders per moto, good flagging and a bunch of race personnel who think the rider is the most important person at a MX race. Even saw Rolf Tibblin in the pits, working furiously on some of the kids bikes, and he also started the first race of the day. Had a super good Expert class, with new Carlsbad Team rider, Broc Glover riding his hot 125cc giving chase to Dave Doss on a 400 Husky. Along came 61-E, Tim Hoover, close in third on a 125, Chuck Rouse, No. 53, and Norm Gomez, No. 26, following along. Well, the surprise of the day was Expert payoff time. No. 26, Gomez, took home the money with two thirds. The fasties, Doss, Glover and Hoover either DNF'ed or pushed across, giving Gomez the overall final win.

For sure, the most exciting and crowd pleasing race was the 100cc and 125cc High School qualifier with Corki Moore, No. 3. riding for Carlsbad Race Team getting the hole shot both motos. Moto one he had to be a good half lap ahead of the pack, and then, Suzuki throw chain, and whiz, flying Pat Nash No. 55, flew by and waved. Well moto two, Moore wasn't about to give away again, off the line came Moore, with Nash breathing right down his back. And that's the way it went for nine laps, changing the lead each lap on the down hill, and then as they came around for scoring, Moore had the lead. Following behind came the 125cc, with two more Race Team rivals, Dave Gerig on his FMF Suzuki, and new team mate rider, Peter Wanket on his hot stock Honda. These two riders changed positions so many times, in both motos, but Gerig picked u() a flat tire in the first, giving the win to Wanket. Second go around, battling it out, Peter finally got the lead and held it, and decided to go after Moore and Nash to take the overall win. Got within fifty feet of the checkered flag, slid out, and around him came Moore and Nash, got it picked up and still took the 125 for the overall win of the day in the 125cc. Had to be one of the best races on Saturday ever. The 250 Junior Qualifier had Jeff Wengel No. 140 taking home the trophy again. Jeff has at this point the high points for the Superbowl Qualifier at Carlsbad.