April 16, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 14

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Valley Racing Association at Valley Cycle Park

VRA at Valley Cycle Park
Sunday April 6, 1975
By: John

Again the cold winds and a driving rain were to be the official greeting party for a good turnout of motocross buffs...And what can be said about their efforts? Nothing short of sheer courage!!

Today's program, being run under sanction of Valley Racing Assn., was a smoothly run and exciting racing show-one that probably would have been better promoted as a hydroplane snowmobile contest. Never, but never, have the elements conspired so much against friendly Valley Cycle Park in Moorpark. There has only been one occasion ever to cancel a racing event at the complex. Well, they came close to having to do it once again today.

Yet, the riders wanted to have a "go" at it. And that's what happened. Overall victories for Experts in their respective riding divisions went to Dave Zahrt (Bul) and Randy Stubbs (Bul).

Zahrt, who was competing against the 250 field, lost the first moto to Revell rider Don Hansen but came back for a strong win in the second round to gain a one-point triumph over Hansen and Steve Rawson (Bul), who finished the day with a score of J-2.

Stubbs, who is just returning full-time to the racing wars, was an easy winner at Open Expert. He's a rider that's primed and ready to roll full bore once again. Keep an eye on this young racer from Valencia!! Amateur wins went to Gene Maple, 125cc (Hon); Richard Bland, 250 (Mai); and steady ready Skeets Holland, Open (Yam).

Joe Brown, who was the only rider to finish his final event, put a CZ into the winner's circle against Open Novices. He won both heats for the class. Among closest runners-up were Bob Lakes (Bul) and BSA rider William Thomas.

Jim Holley and Terry Mason, both of whom were straddling Hondas, went to combat in the Minicycle division, with young Holley recording a grand slam.

Stan Franks (Hon) won both 20-minute motos for Novices on the 125cc machinery, recording an "overall" against, among others, Mike Peterson (Hon) and Pen ton riding Brad Nevins. After being defeated in the first round by Jere Mason (Mai), Chris Smith (Hus) came back BIG in the second heat to win it and gain an overall triumph for a fast field of 250 Novices.

God has promised beautiful weather for racing programs this Saturday and Sunday at Valley Cycle Park in Moorpark.