April 16, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 14

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CMC MX at Southbay Speedway

CMC at Southbay Speedway
Friday April 4, 1975
By: John

Last year I was not writing up any races, but I was at every motocross race held here and I can only say its nice to be back again, the excitement around the pits, seeing new riders and talking to old friends makes South Bay the place to be every Friday night from now thru the summer.

Before I get started about how the races went I want to tell you what its like here, first there is a large pit area which is open to everyone so you can go and talk to anyone or just walk around looking, there are bleachers to sit down in, also good dean rest rooms, and a good snack bar with berritos, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, all kinds of soft drinks, beer, and coffee or hot chocolate, how does that sound.

Also there is always two ambulances in attendance. If this doesn't make you want to come down here to see these guys race I give up. There are three motos for each class, the Pros run three six lap motos and all other classes go three four lap motos, this makes a full night and most of the time that third moto is who will be first or second gets kinda exciting about then. I really can't go into a great deal about every race because there are so many riders, and many I don't know so until I really get to know more about some of you guys I will just hit the top of some classes. There were alot of mini riders tonight and among them was Little Rick Johnson who is ten years old. I remember talking to him last year and he said those other guys are older then me I'm only nine, which didn't make any difference. He held his own last year and this year he started off with a overall win in the stock mini's, he also took second overall in the one hundred mini's.

First overall in the 100 mini's was Scott Meyer who last year was always right up there, he was second in the modified mini's behind Scott Burnsworth who took the overall first, Burnsworth and Johnson ride a Yamaha and Meyer's is on a Honda.

The 125 Pros and Intermediate ran together, this was one of those races where the third moto told who was overall winner. First moto was won by Dennis Curtis with Tony Wanket getting second, they both can move. Tony rides Carlsbad and Saddleback most of the time, it was good to see him down here. Well the second moto the finish was reversed Tony then Dennis, so they both took their Honda's off the line in the third moto with Curtis getting the better start and going away to take the overall win, seems as Intermediate rider Jon Hale (Hon) was not letting Tony get by him to go after Curtis which I don't think he would have caught anyway. Good action.

Three Divisions in the 125 Junior class, wow, lots of riders. My little buddy Jack Clawson (Kaw) got a overall second, this guy as you watch him, he is very fast in the corners, seems like he shuts off later then most and comes out harder. Getting first was Ron Laffranchi and Mark Braudaway took third both riding Hondas. The second Division it was Shane Smith, after eating three hot dogs and popcorn and I don't know what else, got on his mono shocked Kawasaki and rode (I don't know how with all that food in him) to the overall win... I'm really just kidding, Shane is a good hard rider, with a good pit crew of one, his Dad Smitty, good riding Shane. The third Division Dan Lounsbury on a D.G Honda won all three motos, being pushed a tiny bit by Pat Dnyer and Randy Leebolt both riding Suzuki machines. Dan your riding alot better then last time I saw you, keep it up.

The 250 Pros Gary Standridge (CZ) ended up top dog, Mike McGowan who has a new CZ was next and Randy Burns who took his Yamaha to two wins went down at the start of the third race which put him overall third. There was this guy walking around on crutches really looking sad because he wanted to ride so bad, but a broken leg will keep you off the track for awhile. Mike Stearns I hope you heal up fast, I would rather see you on a Montesa than crutches.

Bill Quackenbush riding a CZ was the overall winner in the first Division of 250 Juniors, in the second Division it was Stan King also on a CZ taking overall honors. Kenny Frost took his Penton by the checkered flag first in all three motos of the 500 Open class, after Kenny was Bob Berdyck on a CZ. On a brand new Maico which must suit him, was Willy Cheney getting the overall win the 500 Intermediate class, you looked as good as your new bike Willy. Well next Friday night I hope to see as many guys if not more, come on down to South Bay to ride or watch and enjoy. Wear a warm coat. I also hope to have pictures with my story next week.