April 16, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 14

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AMA MX at Four Corners Cycle Park

AMA at Four Corners Cycle Park
Tuesday April 6, 1976
By: John

Here at Four Corners this morning everything was wet from the rain last night, but not in too bad of shape as this gave good traction to the racers. As the first race got under way which was with the Open Expert and Amateurs, Kenny Frost on his Penton led the way with Ed Andrews (Yam) dose behind, Kenny stretched out the distance between him and everyone except Chip Howell who got his Husky off the line slow but at the finish Howell was right behind Kenny, with Kenny holding on to win and Chip took second.

As the 250 Expert and Amateurs were now on the track the rain came and the track turned into a mud track really bad, I really don't know to much about what happen in this race because I was sitting in my van with the wipers going trying to see through the rain and hail.

The 125 riders were on the line waiting for there race to start. The rain was still coming down and I was still dry in my van, which I cannot say about those nuts waiting to go out and get mud all over them. Well they took off and John Tessitore rode his Bandit like the track was in perfect shape. He was really something to watch with mud all over him he just skimmed along winning both motos. Dennis Curtis and Bob Sherwood both on Hondas looked like the mud didn't bother too much as they were going pretty fast also, Sherwood took second in the first moto and Curtis was up there but had chain trouble which put him out. From this point I got tired of looking out thru my windshield and wondered how I'm going to get down the hill to go home, which down the hill is all mud, slick mud, so I left, and slid down the hill thinking why didn't I head home sooner. I can hardly wait for good old hot summer. Next week there is another AMA race up here if there's a cloud in the sky "Forget it".