April 16, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 14

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Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Sunday March 30, 1975
By: Gus

Being that today was Easter, MVMC decided to have a team race instead of the regular motocross and man was it a sight to see as the first lap saw three Experts side by side coming down toward the pits with Open class rider Butch Baker holding down first. Leon Baird second and Ron Marx riding solo and in third spot 125 Intermediate, Peter Schaffhauser came around in fourth the first lap and ended up in fourth overall position at the finish. The next two laps Baird came around on top with Marx and Baker on his heels. Baird switched with his partner Richard Ball and on the fourth lap Ball still had the lead with Marx very hot on his heels and Baker's partner Matt Myers was still charging in that third spot. The next six laps saw Marx on his L&R CZ in the top spot while the teams of Baird-Ball and Baker-Myers had fallen back. On the eleventh lap the Baker-Myers Yamaha was once again in the lead with the Baird-Ball CZ in second and solo rider Ron Marx was in third. The Baird-Ball CZ came in the top spot on the thirteenth lap and held it for three laps until Marx took the lead and held it right to the finish, with the Baird-Ball team grabbing second overall. While dicing for second spot Baker ran out of gas about a mile out, but team mate Matt Myers grabbed a can of gas and brought the bike in for third overall. Schaffhauser finished fourth overall and second solo. Fifth spot went to the team of R.E. Harris-B. Powers and first 250 Beginner. Sixth went to the Collins-Doug McGowen Suzook. First Mini was Eric Collins riding solo, while second Mini went to the team of David Villanveva-Mike Shea on a screaming Yamaha. Third Mini was Jim Hall riding sole and winning the Expert class. Next Mini was Beginner Benny Parks followed by Brian Jerome-Chris Bridges team.