April 16, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 14

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Moreno Valley MX at DeAnza Cycle Park

AMA at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday April 5, 1975
By: Allan

At De Anza this Saturday, the rain clouds threatened, but never let loose. Instead, they served to keep the track tacky, making it easier to get used to the new high-altitude jump on the straight¬away and the tricky jump-down-up section just added after the banked turn.

250 Junior Kim Walker (Hon) once again got his usual holeshot and held onto the lead for a number of laps. However, Jack Murchall (YZM) was right on his tail, putting on some heavy pressure, and after awhile he slipped past. 250 Intermediate Richard Anderson was moving his Ossa up through traffic at a rapid rate of knots, slipping inside riders where there was absoulutely no room, and just before the checkered flag, he weaseled past Murchall for the lead.

In the second moto, Anderson held the lead start to finish, closely tailed by Murchall. But on the final lap, Murchall had some problems and dropped out, letting Walker grab the win to tie up the points between them.

The final moto saw Murchall make the early bid by gaining the holeshot. For five laps, he held onto it, until the race was blackflagged due to a crash. On the restart, it was Walker who made it first through the first turn, and he ran all the way to the overall.

125 Intermediate, Clint Carman (Hon) just plain fell into his weekly role as front-runner and ran away from everyone else. Gary Cain (Hon) put on the chase, and though he kept him in sight, there was nothing he could do to get around him. The second moto was precisely the same, with Carman in the lead, only Gary slid out on the uphill, and Ron Cain (Suz) swept past to tie it up between them. The final moto was where it all came together. Gary got the holeshot and spent over half the moto fending off Carman, who already had one foot in the door. Eventually, Carman motored past him and captured the lead. Meanwhile, Ron had threaded his way through traffic all moto until the final lap when he latched onto Gary's tail. The very last turn, he slipped inside to make for a drag race between the pair to the finish, but he was in the rough and got just enough sideways to lose by a couple feet.

Danny Burtt (Hon) was doing a job on the 125 Juniors right behind the 125 In¬termediate's goings-ons. He kept them in sight the whole morning and strung together a set of wins without too many threats. 125 Beginner Steve Ackerson (Hon) bade a fond farewell to his class by rifling through the first moto traffic like a cowherder, showing smoothness beyond his competition. The second moto, he beat everyone to the first turn, including the Intermediates and held onto a pace second only to Carman's throughout the race. In the last moto, he once again had the task of working through the pack, which he pulled off with no great amount of strain to score a cleanly swept overall.