January 15, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 2

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Jeff Wright

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AME-MX at De Anza Cycle Park

Jeff Wright was making tracks out at DeAnza during AME's first race at that track.  Jeff looked right at home as he sailed his Mid-Valley CZ in for the win.  Perkins photo.
Jeff Wright was making tracks out at DeAnza during AME's first race at that track. Jeff looked right at home as he sailed his Mid-Valley CZ in for the win. Perkins photo.

AME at DeAnza Cycle Park
Sunday January 5, 1975
By: Richard

De Anza opened the 1975 season with a A.M.E. who are giving the high point Pro in each class lOOcc, 125cc, 250 and Open a $500.00 bonus at the end of the year so Jeff Wright Open class, Bill Cook 250 and Bob Levy 125 Pro all got a class win and a head start in the point standings.

The Experts all went together in two 30 minute motos. Mark Sullivan on a Triple A Bultaco, grabbed the lead at the top of the hill, with Jeff Wright on a Mid-Valley CZ pushing hard behind him, BUI Cook on a 250 CZ was having a good duel with Jim La Tendresee, on a 250 Kawasaki. There were a lot of 125’s going at it, the young tiger Doug McGowen grabbed a early lead, but Tony De La Torre was getting some good lines and was moving up fast. In the meantime Wright was trying to get past Sullivan, but there was just no room, So it was close action for 5 laps, then Wright tried to pass on the inside but the gate closed and he hit the bank and lost a place to Butch Baker on a Yamaha Indio machine, but four laps later Baker got off trying to pass Sullivan.

Jeff Wright relaxes after a long day at DeAnza, he won the 500 Pro class under AME sanction. Perkins photo.

With five minutes to go, Wright was up close to Sullivan and pushing hard for the win and was able to pass and take the checker as Sullivan’s engine soured under the pressure and Butch Baker got back in to take second.

Bill Cook got the 250 win he held off La Tendresse, who ended up second. De La Torre moved up to take the lead in the 125 class after four laps and held it until the checkered flag. Tommy Luera on a F.M.F Honda moved up to take second and Jeff Wecker on a Kawasaki took third.

In the second moto Jeff Wright got the lead on the CZ, Baker challenged him for about one lap. But Wright turned it on and moved out to a big lead and got the overall win. Baker took second in the Open Expert class. Cook and La Tendresse had a very close duel for about six laps then La Tendresse’s pipe came off and Cook could relax as the pressure was off as he got the flag and top money in the 250 class.

The 125’s really mixed it up as Mark Ditter on a Cycle Circle Honda got the early lead and held all the boys for about 5 laps, but then he tired, first Bob Levy, a rider from Canada got by, then Jeff Wecker got by, both on fast Kawasakis. Levy and Wecker had a good go at the lead for the last couple of laps but Levy got the moto. With Wecker second, there was a three way tie in points but the last moto went to Levy so he got the top spot, Wecker took second money and De La Torre got third gold.

The top mini Expert rider was Bill Jewett, second went to Joey Hamilton both on Hondas. First mini Junior was Joe Spangler. The Champ in the 100 Beginner class was Kevin Thompson, Al Rubin had a good day with two firsts and a second in the 250 Beginners class, Craig Brown took second both were on Yamahas. Mike Jenkison put it all together in the 250 Intermediate class with three first places, also we must mention Scott Cecil in the 125 Beginner class he had lots of competition but took three first place motos, and so did Bill Byran in the 125 Junior class, everyone had a good time and the weather was good and so was the racing.