January 15, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 2

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CMC at Rawhide Cycle Park
Sunday January 5, 1975

Before I proceed to ramble on about what happened and what didn't last Sunday, let me present this Holiday Season leftover to you:

Twas the night before Rawhide and all through the park, not a motor was running, not even a Monark. The bikes were placed outside the trailer with care with prayers that come morning, all would still be there. The CRC officials were nestled, all sung in their beds, while nightmares of pitracers wheelied through their heads. The old lady's in her Levi's and I with my Coors, had just settled down for a long, cold winters snooze. When, out on the track there arose such a sound, that I leaped out of my sleeping bag with a bound. Away to practice I flew like a flash, tore open my leathers and tripped into the trash. As I sat in that mess, contemplating my plight, I looked up and realized that it was still night.

No good, huh? Well I never said that I was a poet. Guess I still have some of that 'ole Holiday Spirit in me. I can't see however, how those dudes could do as well ... they did after spending the night with the temperature in the high 20's. All turned out well though and by morning a blue sky and a warm sun gu us and stayed for the rest of the day.

In the 250 Expert class, Dana Nelson's chances for a first overall crumbled when, after leading the pack by well over ten seconds, his bike went south, leaving him with a seventh place finish. A faulty plug was blamed and when a new one was put in, Dana Boogied through the remaining two motos out front. Smiley Cain (Mai) took the overall victory, collecting a first, second and a third. Dana's third moto finish broke the tie that existed between him and Richard Mullin on a Maico giving Nelson a second and Richard the third place cash. Rick Sanford (Mai) dominated the Open class with three first place finishes as did Rusty Carter on a Suzuki in the 125 class.

The Veterans had a good sized turnout with our out-going number one Vet. himself Dave Turnquist (CZ) winning two of the three motos to take home a first place trophy. Yamaha-mounted Ed Scheidler needed to win the final heat for the overall win but instead finished second behind Dave to place second for his day's toils. Harry Gardner returned on a new Bultaco to finish third.

Some turkey on a Bultaco sumply signed the entry blank as "Birdie" at sign-ups. That "turkey" went on to win the second and third motos to take the overall victory in the 250 Novice class. Birdie might have won all three motos but early in the race, he fall-down-go-boom. Bummer. Jay Gardner finished 4-2-3, good enough for a second overall while Brian Rowe took third. Jay and Brian both rode Bultacos.

In the 125 Novice class, John Keys took the overall win with Jay Powell running a close second and Clint Carman placing third. All three riders were on Hondas (natch!). Gary Scheidler won his last race as a beginner in the 125 class on a Yamaha, grandslamming the class. Nobody seemed to want second place but Donald Kezer (Yam) finally took it off our hands with a 3-3-5 finish. Richard Ban-on finished third on a Yamaha.

Something happened Sunday that will serve as a warning for all future CRC riders. One dude came out trying to "pick some cherrys" or, ride in a class lower than he normally does. Well, officials promptly disqualified his lock, stock and barrel when they found his "hands in the cookie jar". BEWARE!!! Anyway, we all had a great time and hope to see ya out this week at the 'Dunes when CRC offers 50 percent trophies. What? You liked the poem but want to read how it ends? Well, you talked me into it:

Well after the races were over and done, I packed my possessions (cause I had to run!) I then thanked the Lord for keeping me well, then climbed into the driver's seat sorer than hell, but before I left for home in my state of rejection, I yelled "Happy Holidays to all", (The results are in their section) 'Nuff said!