January 15, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 2

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CMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

Marty Smith was OTG this past weekend but fellow Honda rider Tommy Croft gave him a bit of trouble in the first moto. Val photo.
Marty Smith was OTG this past weekend but fellow Honda rider Tommy Croft gave him a bit of trouble in the first moto. Val photo.

CMC at Carlsbad Raceway
Sunday January 12, 1975
By: Valerie

Today was a great day for racing. Lots of good riders, lots of sunshine, and lots of fun and spectators. CMC ran a really excellent race, as usual, and the track was well prepared. They ran the race backwards so it would be fair to everyone, and started out with the 125 Pros first. The first moto of the day was off and running. The first turn under the bridge Before the drop-off, and two riders were down: Marty Smith and Ron Turner. Tommy Croft (now sponsored by Factory Honda) was in first place by the third lap, with FMF'er Tim Lunde and Mike Bell close behind. Billy Urban was really smokin' today, and moved into third right away. Marty Smith started out last and on the llth lap was right on the leader's (Tommy Croft) tail. Marty was only a few feet behind Tommy at the checkered flag. The results for the first motos went like this: Tommy Croft (Hon), first; Marty Smithe (Hon), second; and Billy Urban (Hon), third.

The second 125 Pro moto was also an exciting one. Billy Urban was in the lead until the second lap, when Marty Smith passed him on the downhill (which is usually the uphill). Billy then held second for three laps until Tommy Croft passed him. That was it for Urban. He wasn't about to lose anymore places, and he didn't, either. Billy held third place until the end of the race. Smith held Croft for five laps, then Croft passed Smith somewhere along the line and moved into first place for two laps. With two laps left, Marty Smith passed Tommy Croft and proceeded to get the overall win, with Croft in second and Billy Urban in third.

The 125 Intermediate class was on their way with Arden Hadley taking the hole shot and leading the way for the whole ten laps and finishing first in the moto! David Maas was right in there, and continued to take the second place position with Steve Bartly on the gas and well on his way to third. Steve Bartly riding for Kearny Mesa Honda, won the second 125 Intermediate moto with a good sized lead over the rest of the pack. David Maas was right up there again, but finished fourth, giving him a second overall. Arden Hadley got first overall and Steve Bartly rode to a well deserved third.

The 125 Juniors had a good race going too. Dan Hendricks got the hole shot and held the lead the whole moto, finishing first in that race. Dan Green was right behind Hendricks and got second. The second 125 Junior moto was off and running with Dan Hendricks right there in first again, giving him the first overall title with Dan Green finishing second overall, and John Josephs (finished fifth, first moto) taking third overall.

There were only two 100 Juniors at Carlsbad today, Bill Flour and Dave Warriner. Bill finished first overall. Ralph Longo got the number one overall with Mike Goldsmith in second, and Richard Eldridge held a strong third. The 250 Pros ran a strong race today with a lot of big-name riders, such as Tommy Croft, Gaylon Mosier, Rich Grafton and Marty Moates.

Gaylon Mosier got the hole shot in the first moto and won it. Tommy Croft came in second and Rich Grafton, who rode exceptionally well today, got a third. Marty Moates was in second place on Peter Lamppu's trick Montesa, but crashed on the top of the uphill. Then, his bike proceeded to sieze up on him. The thing that was wrong with his bike this time, was that last week during practice it siezed, so instead of just replacing the piston, they sanded the old one down and used it again. They shouldn't have. That caused Marty to have another DNF. If he could get a good sponsor and mainly a good bike, he'd be fantastic. The second moto, Tommy took the lead with Gaylon Mosier in second and Rich Grafton in third. That's also the order they finished in overall.

The 250 Intermediate class was a good one. Pete Smith took the lead right away with Dana Slater close in second and Mike Huddleston gassing it and coming up in third. The second moto determined the overall winners. Mike Huddleston first, Dana Slater second, and Pete Smith took third.

The 250 Junior first division was another good class. Jim Slaughter took the first overall position. Dave Robinson came in second overall, and Earl Turman finished third. The second 250 Junior division was won by Brian Kirby who came in sixth the first moto, but still won first overall. Terry Peterson came in fifth in the first moto, but finished second overall, and Micheal Ramos finished fourth in both races and finished third overall. Another class with a lot of big name riders was the 500 Pro class. Some of the riders were Rex Staten, Doug Sherman, Scott Montgomery, Jim Weinert and Ron Pomeroy.

Scott Montgomery was forced to DNF when his Bultaco siezed during practice. Rex Staten finished first in both motos and got first overall. Doug Sherman got a third the first moto and finished second overall. Jim Weinert got a second the first moto and got a third overall. The 500 Intermediate class was won by Lynn Vick who got first overall. Steve Dahlstrom got a second overall and Bill Laers rode to well-earned third overall. 500 Junior class was won by Keith Long. Sandy Pulford held second both motos and finished the same overall. Dave Nelson got a fifth the first moto but finished third overall. Today was definitely a great day for racing, thanks to CMC and Carlsbad.