January 15, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 2

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Mike Stephenson

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AMA-MX at Dehesa Park

Mike Stephenson was really making his Clews fly as he is getting back in form and racing as fast as ever. Little photo.
Mike Stephenson was really making his Clews fly as he is getting back in form and racing as fast as ever. Little photo.

AMA at Dehesa Speedway
Sunday January 12, 1975
By: John

There is a mountain on the east side of the track at Dehesa and until the sun gets up over it you freeze your you-know-what off. About nine, when the first race is about to start things begin to warm up because of the sun and the excitement of the coming races. This race was put on by the Hi Boots Motorcycle Club, who as always is trying to make the best possible conditions for the riders. This track is really rough. There is a long up hill straight which is about the only smooth part. The other up hills and down hills are all whoop-de-dos, really bouncing around all the time, but motocros,; is not supposed to be smooth and easy.

On with the racing. 125 Expert and Amateurs were running together with Mike Jennings and Kenny Frost, both on Hondas, out in front jam'n around the first turn, close behind was Dennis Curtis and Joe Santich, also on Elsinores. I really don't want to say what happened to Kenny Frost in this moto or the next one, but he slowed down and finished sixth in the first one and did not make one lap in the second moto. Maybe I'm bringing him bad luck by telling evryone about all the things that happen every week, so mums the word.

Bob Sherwood is one of the super 125 Amateur racers that won both motos last week and won both this week as well. Little photo.

Jennings slid off his seat once and also the chain came off which allowed Dennis Curtis to pass, also Sherwood and Santich. Curtis was on the gas really putting some space between him and Sherwood, which is what Sherwood wished he could do to Santich, no way, Joe was not going to be blown off. When the checkered was waved Curtis was there first, and Sherwood held off Santich for second, with Joe right behind for third. Jennings came back for fourth.

The second moto Curtis, Sherwood, Santich, and Robert Bell (Hon) were all tight together for a short while, then Curtis started really moving and was more than a half a lap ahead at the finish. The race was between Sherwood and Santich for second, like in the first moto. About all you could put in between them would be another bike. It was that close the whole race till the last lap when they were side by side and Sherwood's boot got caught on his bike somewhere and by kicking to get it loose he hit Santich by accident and Joe went into a bush, but he got out and still held third place as Sherwood took second again. Fourth went to Robert Bell. Jennings got knocked down on the first lap which put him back in the pack this race. There was also a battle going on for fifth and sixth place between Terrence Gabriola (Yam) and Jim Wright (Hon) one passing then the other passing, till Wright got some flags around the neck by going into a turn too fast and not making it, so ending up in sixth place. Good 125 racing with Hondas sweeping the first four places.

Randy Bums (Yam) got the hole shot in both motos for the 250 combined class and held the lead till the third lap, then here came the guy in green, Mike McGowan (Kaw), to take the lead and keep it, in this moto and also the second one. A double win for Mike. Jeff Mathews (CZ) passed Burns to take second place and Bums got third. Mike Steams was out here today, but riding a friend's Maico and did he have problems. The chain would not stay on and this bike does not have the power of that CZ which he has been riding, but Mike had fun doing what he loves. The second 250 race was like the first, with McGowan winning, but Troy Stalling (KTM) got second in this one even after his gas line came loose and fell off. He got it back on in time to hold off Mathews who got third. Gary Cox (Yam) took two firsts for the 250 Amateurs.

Mike Stephenson (CCM) was on the gas today, from the start of the open class it looked like no one could find him, then half way thru the race here came Chip Howell (Hus) passing to take the lead. Tim Daily (Bui) had also moved up but had to settle for third as Howell won the race and Stephenson got second. Ed Andens (Yam) got first Amateur, Dan Ellison (Bui) second and Steve Fenn (Mai) third.

The second race Stephenson was not playing, he went 20 minutes in front all the way to the flag. Chip Howell was trying but could not get there, as Tim Barlow (Bui) held Howeil off a few laps till Tim hit his shoulder on a tree, ouch!!! This slowed Tim down and Howeil passed him to make the move on Stephenson, but he couldn't move fast enough and got second place. Tim stayed for third and Daily got fourth. Once again it was Andrens for the Amateurs. The 125 Novice came out with John Brust (Yam) and Stuart Lynch (Hon) showing the way till one bumped the other and they both went down which gave Terrin Keff er and his Honda the open track, which he took advantage of and went on to win the first moto. Eric McElroy (Hon) got second place and Ken Nannenhorn (Hon) who didn't even practice took third.

In the second race it looked like Terrin Keff er was going to repeat his win but on the last lap Nannenhorn took over for the win. Keffer took second and Don Ray on a Honda was third. Stefan Bazdorf (Yam) finished so far out in front riding Open Novice that he could have had a flat tire and fixed it and still have won. Both his motos were a piece of cake for him. Getting second place in both races was Tom Hart (Bui) and third in both was John Cole, also on a Bultaco.

The 250 Novice class, Bruce Smith on his Husky won the first race but finished third in the second one. Daniel Bruce (CZ) took second in the first moto and third went to Robert Cooper (Mai). Riding hard in the second moto and getting the win was Robert Cooper, Mike Smith on his yellow Suzuki took second as I said, Bruce Smith third. Now it was time to turn on my radio and hear the rest of the Super Bowl Game. Linda, thank you for making a carbon copy of the laps for me. See you next time.