Vol. 3  Issue 2 

RTMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

December 21, 1974

Terry Turner, Mike Johnson, Scot Clifton

By the time this story is in print, another year would have been brought into existence to hit off three-hundred and sixty-five more days of banzai berserko motocross.  Read More... 

S&S Racing Motocross

December 28, 1974

There are many things that I hate in this crazy, berserkq, mad, often dumb world, but there isn't anything I hate worse than alarm clocks.  Read More... 

Moreno Valley MX at De Anza Cycle Park

January 4, 1975

Tony DeLa Torre

This Saturday at De Anza, 125 Junior Clint Carman (Hon) led the 125 Intermediates a merry chase, and none of them could catch him.  Read More... 

RTMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

January 4, 1975

Ya know what? My first day of the year was spent feasting on exotic Japanese foods in the local hospital visiting an ailing banzaier.  Read More... 


January 5, 1975

 Read More... 

AME-MX at Spillway Park

January 5, 1975

With the advent of a new year the old problems still prevail.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Iwindale Raceway

January 10, 1975

Ross Thompson, Mark Arsenault

The more things change, the more they remain the same.  Read More... 

Saturday Saddleback Motocross Racing

January 4, 1975

Bruce Baron

Racing was washed out last week and the park was closed as I and many racers surprisingly found out when the gates were chained.  Read More... 

Moreno Valley MX at De Anza Cycle Park

January 11, 1975

When the flag dropped for the first moto this Saturday at De Anza, 250 Experts Jack Murchall (Yam) and Wesley Bachman (Mai) laid down the traction and came through the early turns out in front, closely pursued by the likes of 250 Intermediate Jeff Ritz (Yam) and Junior Marty Wells (Hon).  Read More... 

Saturday Saddleback Motocross Racing

January 11, 1975

Before I tell you about a bad incident that happened in this race I want to make it clear that I'm not taking sides for either one of the racers who were involved.  Read More... 


January 5, 1975

A completely redesigned International track was the setting for today's BCA sanctioned motocross program at Indian Dunes Park.  Read More... 

AME-MX at Indian Dunes Park

January 12, 1975

Ray Lopez, C.  Read More... 

AMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

January 5, 1975

I owe special thanks to a couple of very considerate and helpful people, Robbie Powers, for spending six hours in the sun writing lap positions and times down, and to the main lady of AMC, and one of her girls, Terry, for writing all the names, numbers and results on dittoed copies.  Read More... 

AME-MX at De Anza Cycle Park

January 5, 1975

Jeff Wright

De Anza opened the 1975 season with a A.  Read More... 

NRA-MX at Valley Cycle Park

January 12, 1975

Jon Miller, Rick Salmon

It was a bit windy, but that didn't keep the racers away from Valley Cycle Park, as NRA was throwing another of their fine monthly motocrosses at Valley.  Read More... 

AMA-MX at Dehesa Park

January 12, 1975

Mike Stephenson

There is a mountain on the east side of the track at Dehesa and until the sun gets up over it you freeze your you-know-what off.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

January 12, 1975

Marty Smith

Today was a great day for racing.  Read More... 

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CMC-MX at Saddleback Park

CMC held their first motocross of the year at Saddleback. As usual, the 125 class was the hot one to race in. Molletta photo.

CMC at Saddleback Park
Sunday January 5, 1975
By: Helen

CMC started the new year by throwing an excellent race out at Saddleback today. The day was perfect for racing and so was the track. A bit rougher than usual, the track was kept moist for the whole day by the Saddleback crew. It was the best that I've seen it for a long time. I'm sure last week's rain helped. A good sized crowd turned out and I noticed quite a few "Christmas bikes." The Mini's and 100's started out the program with Gorki Moore sweeping the 100 class over Doug Martin and Dan Dilkey. Mike Musson won both Mini Expert races and Jeff Dye did the same in the Mini Junior class. Read More... 

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