March 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 8

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High School MX at OCIR

SAM at Orange County International Raceway
Saturday February 22, 1975
By: Tom

High School Motocross is alive and kicking at OCIR every Saturday night again. This season started out a little slow, the first week had a light turnout of racers and then all of a sudden things really started to roll. Last week several schools got their teams together for battle and that night proved to be the biggest yet. The pits were really packed and the fact that a handful of super fast Pros showed up made the thing a real success.

But it's been like that in every season of high school motocross. Things start out small at first and then everyone hears about all of the goods that are up for grabs and then the pits are suddenly jammed. And it should be realized by all local high school racers that this is your big and only chance to qualify for the Superbowl night, so get into these High School races.

Now last weeks Expert racing was really pretty good and tonight there were only a couple of Pros in the line-up. So I write about that race considering that I couldn't write a story about these guys last week because there were no official results available before press time. It was kind of late and pretty well close to the start of the first moto when I saw the Harry's Cycle Sales Van come into the pits. The two 125 Expert racers who unloaded pair of hot Elsinores were Marty Miller and Pete Hillebrecht. Well these two ended up in the top spot of the class at first but then Pete's machine pooped out in the second moto. The final go was a neat match race between Marty Miller and Brad Dutoit on a new '75 Elsinore just out of the crate from Mission Honda. Miller had a well fixed first place lead by about 20 yards so he had it made while Brad couldn't catch up and I saw him almost slide out before the high flying Diving Board jump once. He pitched it sideways but that didn't hurt his race at all. What did was when he was going over the Moby Dick jumps on another lap and the machine quit on him. He was pushing his bike by me and one could easily see what the problem was, there was no rubber hose between the carb and the air box so evidently the thing must of swallowed dirt clods!

Vern Brown was the winner of tonights 100 Beginner class and I believe that he was the one that had the feather protruding from his helmet or am I mistaking him with someone else? Brown raced for Fountain Valley and whipped Tom Kukol (Hod) of Ran. and Mike Chapman on a Suzuki of Tustin.

The classy team the Pacifica High Mariners were really on the gas tonight. I say classy because of the trick jerseys that they wear on their backs that identify what school they race for. Now I think that all of the teams should do that because it really looks professional and it really helps the spectator and SCM reporter out a lot Anyway the two fast guys from Pacifica that ate up the 125 Junior class was Kent Hawksworthon a New Kawasaki and Phil Tignor on the No. IX Honda bike. Randy Kendrick of Fountain Valley was third and is sponsored by Chuck Kendrick Chevron Service of Huntington Beach. I plug motocycle shops so why not gas stations? Anyone who sponsors motocross racers is cool as far as I'm concerned.

Now there were a few Expert ranked racers that soloed in their classes and they were Norman Gomez of Fountain Valley who won the 125 's and Bob Beauvais on a Kawasaki who was also from the same school and he hooked the 250 Expert win. Bob isn't really too satisfied with his piece of Kawasaki so he told me that he’s going to get a trick CJ frame for it. I tell you some one else who better get something new and that guy is Russ Stark of Southland Cycle. Russ needs a new gas tank for his machine because a hole put him out of the winnings tonight but that wasn't as bad as the broken Suzuki swing-arm that put him out last week. Take a look on page 12 in the last issue of SCM if you want to see what I mean.