March 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 8

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Bryar Holcomb

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Escape Country

Bryar Holcomb, in his first cutting on his new Revell’s CZ, picked up a second place finish out at Escape Country. Doug Sherman was able to get third.  The flagman gets out of the way. Klugman photo.
Bryar Holcomb, in his first cutting on his new Revell’s CZ, picked up a second place finish out at Escape Country. Doug Sherman was able to get third. The flagman gets out of the way. Klugman photo.

ECRA at Escape Country
Sunday February 23, 1975

A large turnout of Pro riders provided another great Sunday of racing at Escape Country for the participants as well as the many spectators out to see the bucks race. Racing started about an hour late for the benefit of those people who forgot to turn their clocks forward for daylight savings time. Over sixty Expert riders took to the field to compete for a share of the $1000 purse, and compete they did. Dave Carlson took the lion's share of the bucks by winning two separate classes. In the 125 Expert class Carlson, riding a Honda, came up with two firsts and a second for the overall win.

In the first moto it was Carlson and Ron Turner (Horn racing wheel to wheel all the way. Turner got out of the hole first but was passed when Carlson chose a faster line around a comer in the second lap. From then on it was Carlson leading with Turner keeping on the pressure trying to get by. Carlson never gave Turner the chance and they finished one, two with Carlson on top. Rick Bean (Hon) definitely a factor in the race, finished a close third.

The second moto turned into a three man race between Dave Carlson, Rick Bean, and Paul Shones (also on a Honda). Carlson took the hole shot this time followed by Rick Bean, then Paul Shones. The trio remained closely grouped in this order throughout the entire moto until the last and most exciting lap. Bean finally got by Carlson but was repassed only seconds later, Shones then passed Bean and challenged Carlson. It was Carlson and Shones racing toward the finish line, Carlson still out front Then on the last jump just before the checkered Shones passed Carlson in mid-air rounded the last turn and crossed the finish line winning by half a wheel.

The third moto was a tight four man contest involving again Carlson, Bean, Shones and Ron Turner. Dave Carlson again was first off the line followed by Rick Bean, Ron Turner and Paul Shones in that order. The group, several seconds ahead of any of the other fifteen riders, stayed bunched together for the entire moto, having their own private race. Although there wasn't any change in position during the whole moto the foursome showed some fine racing with position changes possible at any moment When it was over Carlson still in first took the overall win as well as the $170 in prize money. Overall second went to Rick Bean, with Ron Turner taking the overall third.

In the 250 Pro class it was Dave Carlson walking away with the big bucks again. Carlson, riding a Maico this time, streaked out front immediately in the first seven lap moto. Will Harper (CZ), Dave Foltz (Mai), and Pat Flynn (Mai) were all in hot pursuit. Carlson made some good moves and opened a small but comfortable lead and left Harper and Foltz battling for second. Harper in control of second was able to hold off the aggressive Foltz until the sixth lap when Foltz got by on a turn, taking second in the moto.

In the second moto there were two important races happening. Harper and Carlson were in contention for the lead spot, while further back Morris Malone (Mai), Robert Hannah (Hus), and Dave Foltz fought to hold the third position. Carlson, once again took the hole shot followed closely by Harper. Harper stayed very close to Carlson throughout the whole moto but was unable to get by. Meanwhile Foltz, Hannah, and Malone traded spots several times. In the sixth lap Foltz and Hannah both passed Malone who had been the leader, giving Foltz the third spot in the moto. The third 250 moto was the closest of the three. Will Harper was first off the line this time with Dave Carlson and Morris Malone also right there.

In the third lap Carlson accelerated past Harper on a straight away to gain first spot but Harper wasn't about to give it up that easily. Harper putting on the pressure kept trying to repass but couldn't do it In the sixth lap Malone made his move on Harper and passed him and then moved on Carlson passing him also. Malone won the moto for an overall third. Harper who was knocked back to third was then passed by Hannah, knocking him back another place to fourth. Harper did, however, receive overall second. The overall third went to Morris Malone, first overall going again to Dave Carlson.

The Open Pro class was also filled with plenty of action. In the first moto John Hrynkiewicz (Mai) shot out to an early lead staying in front of Bryar Holcomb (CZ) and Doug Sherman (Mai). Sherman, mid-Wily through the moto passed Holcomb to take command of second and put the pressure on Hrynkiewicz, John held on to his lead however, taking the checkered flag followed by Sherman, then Holcomb.

In the second moto it was Holcomb and Sherman dicing it out, Holcomb holding the lead, Sherman trying to get by. In the fifth lap Sherman did get by only to have his engine quit a split second later. Sherman re-fired his bike and regained the two positions he had lost to challenge Holcomb again. Sherman, who has had his share of mechanical troubles, then experienced a fouled plug dropping him back to finish seventh. Sherman came back to readily win the third moto placing him third for the day. Bryar Holcomb finishing fourth in the moto received the second place bucks. John Hrynkiewicz finishing behind Sherman in the moto took overall first