March 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 8

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Moreno Valley MX at De Anza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday February 22, 1975

An incapacitated water truck left De Anza's track a bit loose this Saturday, but fortunately dust never became a problem, and radical slides seemed to be the preferred method of coping with it.

The numerous 125 Beginners were the first out, and right from the start, James Burrow (Hon) established himself as the one to follow as he slipped past early leader Dave White (Hon) on the banked downhill sweeper. White kept up the pressure, though, followed by Bart Hitt (L&L) and Danny Burn (Hon). Halfway through, Burtt moved past Hitt into third, and that was the way they finished In the second moto, White was once again the first lap leader until bike problems forced him to drop out after he and second-place Burtt went down together. This left the lead for Burrow once again, with Hitt in second. Burtt got back into traffic but was too far back to manage any better than tenth. The final moto saw Burrow rounding out the morning with the lead once more, only this time Burtt made up for some lost points by dogging his heels close behing in second. Hitt was in third, and the trio ran as a group like that all the way to the checkered.

In the combined 125 Junior Intermediate race, there happened to be the two points leaders for the six-week trophy running together but in separate classes: Intermediate Brent Price (Hon) and only-recently-a-Junior Joe Feld (Suz). Off the line, Price moved into the lead, followed by Intermediate Ron Cain (Suz) and Feld. The three were never more than a few yards apart the whole moto, and as long as both Price and Feld led their own classes, the points were slightly in favor of Price. On the white flag lap, Cain unloaded on the downhill and left Price to finish out the moto unpressured, followed by Feld a few feet back. In the second moto, it was an instant replay. Price held onto a somewhat narrow lead with Cain and Feld close behind. On the final lap, they all came upon a slower rider as a group, and while there was the threat of a change in positions only a couple of turns from the finish, they all got past in the same order, with Price and Feld still juggling out those points.

The final moto found Cain out with a flat tire, and Price and Feld had the track and the lead practically to themselves. But now there was no way Price could lose either the overall or the big trophy, so he cooled it just a bit. On the last two laps, his pipe went it's own separate way, but he downshifted a couple times and finished out the moto sounding like a buzz saw. Feld was right there behind him at the finish, having made a clean sweep of his class but having lost the big trophy to him. For staying within a single point all six weeks, though, the De Anza people decided to give out two big trophies (besides all the others), and that was the way the weeks long battle ended.