March 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 8

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Moreno Valley MX At Deanza Cycle Park

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday February 15, 1975

Wind. It came whistling through De Anza fresh off the mountains this Saturday, numbed all the specators, and kept engine temperatures down. As a taUwind going down the straight, it was great, but once you had to make the 180 degree turn at the other end and come back against it...well, riders were tucking in like road racers.

125 Beginner Joe Feld (Suz) didn't seem to mind and buzzed into an early lead which just kept growing. Dave White (Hon) was looking good in pursuit but couldn't keep him in sight, and Richard Busconi (Suz) was not far behind in third. The second moto was an instant replay of the first with Feld pulling away from the rest White held down second all the way to the checkered again, Busconi got radical over the whoop-de-doo's and dropped back to fourth. The last moto came off just as could have been expected. Feld disappeared from everybody else, and went on to make it a clean sweep. In so doing, he racked up quite a few points toward the big trophy (to be given out next week) but is obviously ready to move up to Junior any time.

250 Beginner Stephen Gibeau (Hus) also did a job on his class, piloting his way to three consecutive wins. At the checkered flag for the final moto, there was a small tangling of bars between him and Ian Zuniga (CZ), but Zuniga got the worst of it and ended up being the one to go down.

Chuck Riddle (Yam) chased Gibeau all morning, and though he never caught him, he did tie together an uncontested string of seconds.

In the 125 Intermediates, it's getting to be a familiar sight seeing N orris-Robert's rider Brent Price (Hon) come sliding through the first turn first, and this week was no exception. Every single moto found him getting the bite off the line, followed by Peter Schaffhauser, riding a rapid Honda for Youngblood Cycles, and Ron Cain (Suz). In the first moto, Price was holding onto the lead, when Schaffhauser went down in a loose turn. Cain slipped past, but Schaffhauser remounted, put on a hard charge, and recaptured second by the end. The next moto, Price missed a shift going through the whoop-de-doo's and came this close to going over the bars. He saved it, but not before Schaffhauser shot past for the lead. Price dogged his heels, but Schaffhauser was really cooking, and he had to settle for a second. In the final moto, both had their sights set on the lead, but Price got there first. Schaffhauser put on some heavy pressure just a couple feet behind, testing out new lines in an attempt to get around, but Price would have none of it and ran a smooth consistent race to the end. The overall kept Price in the lead for points toward the big trophy, but only by a single point, so next week be the decider.