March 5, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 8

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Pierre Karsmakers

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CMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

Pierre Karsmakers brought out one of the new big bore Hondas to Carlsbad to race it. He didn't have too good of luck, as he crashed on the downhill, seriously bending the new machine. SCENE photo.
Pierre Karsmakers brought out one of the new big bore Hondas to Carlsbad to race it. He didn't have too good of luck, as he crashed on the downhill, seriously bending the new machine. SCENE photo.

CMC at Carlsbad Raceway
Sunday February 23, 1975
By: Valerie

Today's race was super-fantastic, with lots of spectators and plenty of local hotshoes. Today was also Tommy Croft's and Marty Smith's last day of local racing because they're going on the AMA circuit The weather at Carlsbad today was unreal. The track was in perfect condition. The only problem was that I forgot to set my clock forward an hour and so missed the first 125 Pro class and also 125 Intermediate. Anyway, the first 125 class was really exciting (so I heard). Tommy Croft got first place pretty easily because Marty Smith's bike broke for the seventh week in a row. Tommy took a first both motos, giving him first overall. Jim Domann took a third and a second giving him second overall. Terry Turner was right on their tails, giving them a run for their money. Terry ended up with third overall.

The man to watch in the 125 Intermediate class was Brad Sherrill. Brad was cookin' all day. Jerry Raymer was in second both motos, fighting hard for first, but Brad wouldn't let him get by. Steve Haase was really wailing, doing his best to keep up with the leaders. Rod Guinto in the first 125 Junior division was really going fast today. Keith Villaldbos was keeping up with Rod pretty well. Jon Lewey was trying to catch the leader but ended up with third overall, leaving Rod with a first and Keith in second.

By the way, one rider everyone was glad but shocked to see in the 125 Pro class was Marty Moates. Marty usually rides 250 Prc and does pretty well. He got a CR12£ Elsinore and was really wailing. He beai Marty Smith today before Smith's bike broke. Marty Moates' bike seized while he was in second behind Tommy Croft In the second moto, Marty held first for four laps until he did a graceful swan dive right in the mud after the hairpin. Dave Gerig was OTG and really showed everyone up in the Junior 125 second division. Danny Schramm and Hot Dog Shane Smith were really battling it out for second. Shane did his best and got third overall, but what can you expect After all, Shane's been winning for the last 4 or 5 weeks. He also moved up to Intermediate yesterday.

100 Junior Ricky Miller took first overall and Scott Gardner got second. Mini Junior Mark Guinto, got two firsts. He took first overall by a long shot. Ralph Longo was right up there and finished second overall. Sarkis Spanjian was really movin' and got third overall. I think the 250 Pro class was about the most exciting race of the day. Tommy Croft, Mike Stearns, Rich Graf ton and Jeff Borden were the main 250 Pros everyone was watching. The first moto, Tommy Croft and Rich Graf ton were fighting it out right up until the checkered flag. Tommy finished by a half a bike length. Mike Stearns came in third that moto, and Gary Ogden came in fourth.

Once again Tommy Croft and Rich Graf ton were fighting it out for first place. Rich had some bad luck and dropped it three times. Tommy Croft ended up with first overall. Mike Steams took second, and Gary Ogden took third. It turned out to be a bad day for Rich Grafton and Jeff Borden. Jeff, who was in fifth and moving up fast, lost his shifter both motos, and finished somewhere around seventh. Tamali Smith was really flying in the 250 class today. Robert Fudge held Tamali off both motos and ended up with first overall. Pete Smith (no relationship to Tamali) got a ninth and a first and somehow finished second overall. Joe Bonnello got third overall, with hardly any effort on his pink Bultaco. Last week Tamali's left foot peg broke off. This week, his right one did.

Greg Bebeck took first overall really easily in the 250 first division. Terryl Peterson got two seconds and finished second overall. Fritz Schlegal got a fourth and a fifth and was left with third overall. Steve Rhyan, in the 250 Junior second division, took a first the first moto, and a second the second, thus giving him a second overall. Mark Asbury was flying around the course at top speed and finished first overall. Jeff Newman was getting radical and got two thirds, finishing third overall.

The 500 Pro class was a disappointing one. Mainly, because Pierre Karsmakers ate the souffle on the downhill, twisted his bike, broke the swingarm, bent the handlebars, and a few other things besides his foot Wayne Boyer was fast and furious and because of that, he ended up with first overall. One rider everyone missed (with tears in their eyes) was Scott Montgomery, who is faster and furiouser than just about anybody here at Carlsbad. Rumour has it that Scott is going to be riding a 125 Bultaco soon. Mark Blackwell finished second overall and Alan Ortiz took third easily.

Surprizingly, again, 500 Intermediate Lynn Vick took second overall instead of first. Mike Flanagan took first overall. Steve Dahlstrom cleaned up with third. Dave Robinson wiped out his class and took first overall. (500 Junior). Michael Thayer took second overall and gave Mark McNulty third.

CMC always puts on a good race, and today, mainly because of the change of weather, the race was extra good.