February 12, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 5

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Highschool Motocross at Corona Raceway

SAM at Corona Raceway
Friday January 31, 1975
By: Tom

One of the biggest races of the season occurred on January 31st, as North and Palm Springs High Schools were tied for the lead in the second division, and one of the schools would now have the top position by themselves. Arlington, La Sierra, and Notre Dame also competed on that night to try and put up some needed points in their divisions.

North was, by far, the superior team, as they easily collected the overall victory, as Crandall's team picked up 249 points to second place finisher Palm Springs' 123 markers followed by Arlington with 76, La Sierra with 41, and Notre Dame with 33.

The win for North gives them 19 points in the second division, as they have scored three overall wins and one second place finish. Palm Springs holds down the second spot with 18 points followed by Rubidoux with 17 markers and Montclair with nine.

Leading the way for North were Jim Cupp, Kelly Callaway, and Lee Rosenberry, as all three riders scored double victories in the competition. Cupp, one of the better 125 riders at Corona Raceway, captured all three motos in both the 125 and 175 Senior classes, as he defeated Kenny Strand of Palm Springs in the 125's and Palm Springs' Kenny Trask in the 175's.

Callaway, who finished fourth in the 250 Juniors at the California State Championships at Saddleback, captured all six motos in which he competed, as he won over Palm Springs' Nick Barrick in both 250 and 500 Senior divisions.

Rosenberry, one of North's younger riders, also scored two victories, as he captured the 175 Intermediate and 250 Novice classes. North's Bryan Stone and Blair Risnes of Palm Springs followed Rosenberry in the 175 Intermediates with second and third in the 250 Novices going to Arlington's Steve Pippin and Rod Anderson.