February 12, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 5

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CRC-MX at Valley Cycle Park

CRC at Valley Cycle Park
Sunday January 26, 1975

Ya know, ever since C.R.C. gave out those 46 Ib. trophies to their point series winners a few weeks back, membership has almost doubled while their rider attendence ain't been bad either. Close to two hundred riders showed up at Valley Cycle Park on Sunday, Jan. 26th when the California Racing Club presented a 100 percent trophy day.

The Veterans class (Whose age limit has been reduced to 30 years of age) was bigger than usual and became split into the 250 and Open classes. In the 250 class, CRC's No. one and two riders: John Wilson and Dave Turnquist were expected to provide most of the action. But Dave however, who has been pushing his CZ to the limit since the first of the year, grand-slammed the event and took home a three foot first place trophy for his efforts. John's Honda couldn't quite keep up with Dave's pace yet he finished 2-2-4 for a second overall. A rider from the halls of Yamahadom, John Preston, placed third.

In the Open class, Joe Brown won the first moto but tried to run the second while emitting a smoke screen that was so thick that it was actually hard to see. Maico-mounted John Tartaglia took over from there, winning the final two motos and the overall trophy. Bruce Hoover (Mai) took second overall while Mike Mainer came back from only completing one lap of his first moto (due to a flat tire) to dose out the day 3-2. His total of 14 points earned him a third overall. The "Mutt and Jeff" of Motocross, Chris Hicks and Gary Schooley huffed and puffed their ways into fourth and fifth overall, respectivly. Chris had a great chance to finish a bit higher but halfway through the third moto, he managed to run out of gas. Gary looked so..ah, different that he practicly needed a 500 Ib. female streaker to make him move at all.

But seriously folk, there was no horsing around in the Expert classes with a cash payback at stake. The turnout was smaller than usual with all of the purse races being run but the action was still there. In the Open division, Von Peterson (Mai) swept his class with three quick victories. Chuck I^anzarone was not to be denied totally however as he placed second overall and still collected his share of the bucks. 250 Honda rider, Mark White might have swept his class too but during the second moto, he tangled with another rider and fell down. It took some pretty fancy riding on Mark's part to get back to the second position while still taking the overall win with a 1-2-1 finish. Russ Hoffman on a CZ had a shot at the top position but threw it away with a meager third place finish in his final moto. William Spahr (Mai) took a third. In the 125 class it was Jim Tassand (Hon) with the win while Kevin Berger (Hon) took second.

Over twenty minibikes showed up with the largest class being the Beginners. Russ Geiger on a Honda never won a moto yet took home a three foot trophy for first place Beginner. The winner of the first moto, Sherry Viens (Yam) finally finished 1-4-3 to place second while a seventh overall in his first moto killed any chance of Kevin Bee man taking the overall win. His 7-1-1 performance was only third best in the class, sorry Kevin!!!

Next it was Yamaha mounted Mike Nance grand-slamming his fellow Novice riders. Sue Wieberg rode her Honda to a second overall while Butch Roberts finished with a 4-2-3, good for the third position in his class on a Yamaha. Dallas Rebello (Hon) won two of three motos on his super trick chromed XR to beat the rest of the Intermediate class. Third moto winner Donald Draskovich (Hon) took second overall. Other winners included; Jimmy Simons, Expert; Jeff Pierce, 100 Mini; and Tommy Tomaselli, 50cc class.

Open Novice David Stephens (Bui) had won his first moto and was working himself up from a third place start in the second when he decided to take a break. Dave lost ten places in one lap yet managed to take fifth by the time the checkered flag fell. CZ rider Bill Hagan, who had finished under Stephens in the first moto, went on to score two victories to place first overall. Dave finished the day 1-5-3 to take second and Roger Nurnberger (CZ) was decorated with third place honors.

It's still not too late to join CRC and get involved in their point series. Watch this paper cause talk of an added two week series loaded with trophies and contingencies is in the works. Congratulations to all riders. 'Nuff said!!!