February 12, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 5

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CMC-MX at South Bay Park

Mini rider Grant Barrow is getting to be a real winner at South Bay, as he won again last Sunday. Little photo.
Mini rider Grant Barrow is getting to be a real winner at South Bay, as he won again last Sunday. Little photo.

CMC at South Bay Park
Sunday February 2, 1975
By: John

The turn out of riders was not very big today except in the 125 and 250 Junior classes, where there were two divisions in each. The next Sunday race at South Bay will be on the 16th of February. You guys had better get down here and run on this track, everyone says the improvements that were made this year make riding here a blast. The first moto for Minis saw Grant Barrows (Hon) get the jump off the line and holding that lead 'till the fourth lap when YZ rider Mike Gomez passed and it looked Mike Gomez was going to win as he was pulling away. Zap he said hello to the ground and Burrows went by and got the checkered flag in this race. Gomez got up and was far enough ahead to keep second place, getting third was Jerry Todd (Hon).

The second race Barrows again out front with Gomez pushing him. Riding in third position this time, another Honda, rode by Steve DePhillippis. Little Mike Gomez lost his pipe so he just hung in there and took another second. Third won by DePhillippis, and Grant Barrows was the first place winner. What happened to Jerry Todd? I don't know. Lost out somewhere. Rick Miller and George Moody, both Suzuki mounted, lead the 100 Junior class off the line and pulled away from the pack for the entire race, Miller getting the win, Moody second, and Steve Woods riding a Honda took third. Noni Wilson was the only Powder Puff running today so she ran in the group. Noni wound her Suzuki up and beat everyone in this first moto as well as second one. Nice riding Noni.

The second moto it was the same two guys again running one and two, then Miller went down and Moody went by but didn't stay in front for long as Miller came up hard and regained the lead. In the same spot the next lap Rick Miller, down again. George took the lead again and went on to win. Rick riding hard trying to gain some ground, would you believe went down for the third time in the same spot. I think that did it, Rick just rode his bike back to the pits mumbling to himself. Second place here went to Steve Woods.

The first division of 125 Junior riders saw Ron Miller on his Honda just totally smokin' the whole pack in both motos. No problem at all for Ron. Pat Haywood also on a Honda was running in second but came off on the back part of the track and came up with a flat tire which slowed him way down just letting him finish the race. Riding a good race and getting second was Ed Seeber, and third was Juan Sevilla, both on Hondas.

Mike Stearns is now riding for a new sponsor. Lucky Yamaha.   It seems to be lucky for Mike, as he has done very well on his new yellow wonder bike.   Little photo.
Mike Stearns is now riding for a new sponsor. Lucky Yamaha. It seems to be lucky for Mike, as he has done very well on his new yellow wonder bike. Little photo.

The second race, as I said, Ron Miller ran away with. Riding in second place and finishing there was Rick Gomez (YZ) who had trouble in the first moto and finished last. Honda rider Chuck Connolly finished third beating Juan Sevilla who ended up in fourth place. Pat Haywood did not ride in the second moto.

The second division 125 Juniors, Dan Schramm (Hon) did the same thing Ron Miller did in the first division, no one could find Dan to catch him. He made it look easy winning both races. I would like to see Ron and Dan in the same race next time. That would be some race. Paul Martin held off Mike Davis to get second in both motos, so Davis had to settle for the third place finish. The first three place finishers in both 125 Junior division were on those fast Hondas.

In both motos for 250 Juniors division one Art Pino (Rick) got the hole shot followed by Tutti Juarez (Yam) and Bob Can* (Bui). Pino only held the lead for one lap and Juarez took over and pulled away for the win, Pino took second, and moving up from the middle of the pack was Stan King (CZ) to claim third place. In the second moto Pino was running first again but Stan King wanted that first place and after a battle took it over and held it for the win. Tutti Juarez worked hie way around Art Pino for second place and first overall. Pino got third this time. The second division 250 Juniors, Eduardo Garcia (Hus) was out first in both motos. The first race he held off all challengers to win. Taking second was Rob Martin (CZ) and third went to BUI Quackenbush (CZ). The second ride, Rob Martin was really pushing Garcia and make his move about half way thru the race to pass Garcia and go on to win, but not easily, as Eduardo was right on him all the way but could not pass and ended up second, Martin took first, and first overall. Third to Quackenbush again.

In the Pro and Intermediate class not many riders showed up so they rode all together. I mean 125, 250, and Open all at once, really just for practice as the track refunded their entry fee as there was not enough for a pay back. Mike Stearns who you now know rides a Yamaha, has a new sponsor, Lucky Yamaha of Lemon Grove. Mike won both races with out even breathing hard. Randy Burns also on a Yamaha, tried to stay close to Mike but fell back a little. John Tessitore was out there on his Bandit looking pretty good, but his 125 could not keep up to those 250 machines. Kenny Olson, Intermediate rider, looked good on his 125 Honda, running away at first but getting passed by the bigger bikes. Tony Moceri (CZ) Willy Cheney (Mai) and John Cardoza (Yam) all had a little practice also. Cardoza hurt his knee again in the first race and did not ride in the second. In the 500 Junior class Jim Tooker (CZ) took both motos. Manual Smith (Bui) got second in the first race, and Tim Warcup (Hus) was third. The second race Warcup beat out Smith for second place, leaving Smith third overall.

Last week I saw my old friend Doug Clair who had a bad fall at South Bay last year, but he's looking good now and he says in about three or four months he wants to get back on his 125 Honda, take care Doug. I have to make a comment about last weeks race at Four Corners. The racing was great with names that everyone has heard of, and those guys put on a good show for a big turn out of spectators. The one thing I want to say, and this could benefit all riders in the future is the cutting down on the time of the motos. For example, they were running 30 minutes motos for Pro riders, then it started to get late and the second moto was cut about four laps. When you're looking at a little money between first, second and third that four laps could mean a lot. Many, many things could happen to the front runners, they could break down, get tired, etc. I hope criticizing in a nice way which is what I hope I have done will help, and maybe next time the riders could be told at the starting line their moto will be shortened due to time or what ever. Thanks for listening.