Vol. 3  Issue 5 

CMC-MX at Dunlap Cycle Park

January 26, 1975

I guess the riders at the local track were wondering where is "Ski" the track reporter.  Read More... 

Everybody Shows for CMC Bucks Race

February 2, 1975

Jef Harriott

CMC has got to have the best racing around.  Read More... 

CRC-MX at Valley Cycle Park

January 26, 1975

Ya know, ever since C.  Read More... 

395 Cycle Park

January 26, 1975

What has two arms, two legs, two wheels, one head covered with stars, stripes circles and names, subsists on a concoction of gasoline and oils, wails like a wounded banshee and is usually covered with layers of mud, dirt, and advertising? If you guessed motocross racers-you are right.  Read More... 

AMC-MX at O.C.I.R.

January 31, 1975

Ken Welford

Contrary to what alot of racers thought, the OCIR track was not a mudbath.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Irwindale Raceway

January 31, 1975

Joe Johnston, Dave Taylor, Ray Lopez

Lawrence of Irwindale did it again! The YMBB Lawrence, however, had to do it the hard way tonight.  Read More... 

RTMC-MX at Carlsbad Raceway

February 1, 1975

Jimmy Weinert

Remember not too long ago when the new year 1975 started? Yep, it only seems like yesterday.  Read More... 

Saturday Saddleback Motocross Racing

February 1, 1975

Bruce Baron

If who didn't race in this SAM event because you feared a muddy track you really made a mistake.  Read More... 

AMC-MX at Carlbad Raceway

February 2, 1975

Rex Staten

Well, this morning really looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.  Read More... 

E.C.R.A. at Escape Country

February 2, 1975

Dave Foltz, Rich Mullin

It was a perfect day for racing.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at South Bay Park

February 2, 1975

Grant Barrow

The turn out of riders was not very big today except in the 125 and 250 Junior classes, where there were two divisions in each.  Read More... 

BCA-MX at Indian Dunes Park

February 2, 1975

Dave Taylor

Eddie Cole, making his first West Coast appearance in quite some time, rolled a Bultaco to two straight wins during today's BCA sanctioned motocross program on the International track at Indian Dunes Park.  Read More... 

VRA at Valley Cycle Park

February 2, 1975

Dick Wright

Berkeley 400 Maico, Oswell 250 CZ, and Root 125 Bultaco, took the Expert gold at the Valley hills.  Read More... 

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Highschool Motocross at Corona Raceway

January 31, 1975

One of the biggest races of the season occurred on January 31st, as North and Palm Springs High Schools were tied for the lead in the second division, and one of the schools would now have the top position by themselves.  Read More... 

S.A.M. High School MX at Ascot Park

February 1, 1975

Ascot Park hosted the second Super Bowl of Motocross qualifier for high school riders in the Los Angeles County last Saturday.  Read More... 

Everybody Shows for CMC Bucks Race

Jef Harriott brought out a new 400 Yamaha Mono-shocker too see what he could do in the Open class, but Jef is soooo light for such a big machine. Molletta photo.

CMC at Saddleback Park
Sunday February 2, 1975
By: Mike

CMC has got to have the best racing around. A super-prepared track, extra large Grade A turnout of riders, and a $1,500 purse helped keep things that way. With such a large purse there was an ample turnout of Experts. It looked like the Who's Who of Southern California racing. Jim Weinert, Jim West, Rex Staten, Gary Semics, Tommy Croft, Gary Jones, and Gaylon Mosier-just to name a few. The 250 class had to run qualifiers due to an unexpected 48 rider turnout. Read More... 

AMC-MX at O.C.I.R.

Ken Welford looks a bit stunned by the photographers strobe. You shouldn't be looking at the camera when you are racing or these things will happen. Corley photo.

AMC at Orange County International Raceway
Friday January 31, 1975
By: Tom

Contrary to what alot of racers thought, the OCIR track was not a mudbath. I almost didn't van out to the race tonight because I kind of thought that it would be rained out myself. So then I got the brilliant idea to call up the racing office at (714) 559-0580, when the recording said some thing like "The track looks fine tonight for AMC racing" well then I knew that things were cool. But for all you racers who ever have doubts of whether or not there is going to be a race just call the all new HOT LINE that the Southern California Motocross has now at (213) 762-MOTO. Read More... 

CMC-MX at Irwindale Raceway

This tricky double exposure finds Joe Johnston getting radical off the jumps at Irwindale while it looks like Dave Taylor and Ray Lopez are haunting him from the 125 Pro class. Photo by Buzz.

CMC at Irwindale Raceway
Friday January 31, 1975
By: Buzz

Lawrence of Irwindale did it again! The YMBB Lawrence, however, had to do it the hard way tonight. Running second to Rob Zamora in the first moto, Mark waited until the last lap and the last corner to make his pass, and did it going around the outside of Zamora to take the win. That was to be Mark's best finish of the night. Moto two found Mark and his Crown Cycle Yamaha flip flopping around on the ground with four of five other bikes and riders about fifty yards out from the starting gate. Mark's brake handle was busted off and unrepairable, but he rode motos two and three, making the restart in moto two, and finishing second to the win of Doug Anderson, ending up the night getting third in the final moto behind Vince Van Hook and third moto winner, Lance Bryson. When you consider that Mark rode the final two motos without front brakses, that ain't too shaggy a showing for the YMBB. I'm not sure if this win puts Mark into the Expert Pro category, but if it doesn't, he's so close that the next win will surely do it. When you leave the 125 Intermediate class, you get in with those, literally screaming, time-bombs, that are the 125 Pros. Read More... 

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