November 20, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 45

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SAM at Orange County International Raceway
Thursday November 7, 1974
By: Tom

It kind of hard to write this story, you see I'm typing it up at the track right now and the grassy surface which has always proved so super is now attracting a swarm of flies. Anyway, last week I took a vacation from writing stories and whipping out motof otos. One of best nights I had for fun was when we went into a Haunted House, guys were coming after everyone with knives and things so we pulled a trick on 'em. We went in there again with a couple of my powerful electronic flashes and blew their eyes out with them. If you've ever been strobed by a photographer while racing you would know what it's like. Anyway after we got kicked out of that place.

Onto the night's Hi school Motocrossing. The night's Mini class really got snuffed this time because a new shoe named Ray Currie took a fast XR-75 to the win of it all and captured the Beginner class win. I'm not going to go into the inside details of this race because it was just too one sided, Currie jetted out ahead for good while second and third place finishers Steve Bodtin and Scott Reed gassed from well behind.

Kelly Templeton hooked the 250 Beginner win again so I guess that means that he should be motoring up to the Junior class very soon. The last race that I saw him win he did it even after losing time while overshooting a berm in one moto. Tonight the going was easier so he picked off the competition, second and third place fell in the hands of Dan McEnterfer (Bui) and Jim Carlino on a CZ.

Both of the fast 250 and 500 Expert classes were run together. And out of the line-up the one guy that definitely stood out as the champ was Dave Carlson, in each moto it seemed like the others would hook the lead while Carlson surely worked his way up to the first place spot. Aaron Bassett of Competition Cycles captured second over John Estes while Ted Hamner and Paul Needles reigned in the 500's.