November 20, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 45

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CRC at Rawhide Park

CRC at Rawhide Cycle Park
Sunday November 3, 1974
By: Tom

The four Mini divisions combined to compete in the first race of Sunday's Moto-X race Rawhide Park, sanctioned by California Racing Club.

The four eventual winners all rode Hondas and also won via grand slam victories. Kurt Sofka Jr. was the top Expert, Dallas Rebello beat out the Intermediates, Donald Draskovich was the top Novice and Joe Delgado swept the Beginners class.

The 125 Beginners were next with David Wilson putting it all together for a grand slam overall victory on a Suzuki. Harlan Riehart was second atop a Monark while a 3-3-4 finish earned Walter Popp a third overall.

Steve Jackson lost out in his bid to finish as first 125 Novice when he placed second under John Cove in the third moto of that contest. Both had five points but John's third moto win gave him the overall win. Steve finished second while Corkey Stevens placed third. All three riders rode Hondas. (That line sounds familiar!)

Mike Chandler might have grand-slammed the 250 Novice class had he gotten a better start during his third moto. Mike was five down after one lap but worked himself back up to third by the time the checkered flag fell. He still noched another overall win on the side of his Elsinore however, beating out Randy Fleming (Yam) and third moto winner Roy Tebbs also on a Honda.

Honda-mounted (yawn) Jeff Sanchez nosed out Mark Lawrence on a Yamaha for the overall win in the 125 Intermediate class while Fulton Tidwell grand-slammed his way to another overall victory in the 250 class on a Yamaha. Jeff McKelroy (Bui) was second and Perry Black followed in third while riding a Husky, despite missing the third moto.

The 125 Experts were dominated by Gordy Collins who, on a Honda, won all three motos en route to a first overall. Bob Rutten had his Hodaka really moooovin, placing second with a 2-2-3 finish. Eric Jensen was top dog in the Open Expert class while Greg Done came back with two consecutive firsts after a seventh in his first moto, to win top bucks in the 250 class. We're not sure what happened in that first moto. Greg came around tenth in lap one, worked up to fourth place by the fifth lap, then nosedived back to seventh by the time that the checkered flag fell. Toby Taki (Mon) finished second while Richard Franklin, mounted on a Honda, finished 4-3-3 giving him third overall. I congratulate all the riders and hope to see them again. 'Nuff said!