November 20, 1974
Vol. 2  Issue 45

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DBA Bicycle MX

N.B.A. at DeAnza Cycle Park
Saturday November 9, 1974
By: Gus

Today was the start of the high point series here at DeAnza on a super nice day for BMX crossin. The track now has an up hill and a down hill along with the jumps, whoop-de-doos, and mud holes to make a super neat track that all the riders liked. Ron Williams found the track to his liking when he cleaned house in the 14 and over Expert class with three firsts. Terry Ellis of D&G Racing Team came back from three bad starts to grab second behind Ron. Gilbert Ramirez slid in for third while Bryan Knox took fourth.

Mark Cook found the track to his liking too when he swept up three firsts in the 12-13 Expert race. Bobby Jones came up from a poor first moto finish to take second. Vincent Barnes took third and Aaron Knox took third.

Randy Adair, another BMX'er from D&G Racing Team, took the 9-11 Expert class uncontested. First Novice race was the 12-13 year olds and boy was it a handle bar rattling contest as Chris Collins rattled handle bars with Ronnie Rios and Ker

The 14 year old Novices hit the track next with yet another rider from D&G Racing Team, Jim Adair taking the race wire to wire. Behind Jim the battle for second continued between Vito Ventimiglia and Ron Setterstrom. Going in to the last moto the two were tied for second and boy were they hooking it out, with Ron leading and Vito close behind, but as they came down the hill they hooked handle bars and it was Vito crossing the line ahead of Ron to take second.

Eric Collins was the 9-11 Novice victor with Mark Torres taking second. In the 8 and under class it was Jeff Wilkinson with an easy win.