August 27, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 33

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John Gless Takes Top Honors At Corona Raceway

CRA at Corona Raceway
Tuesday July 1, 1975
By: Terri

John Gless (Hon) got top honors in the 100 Senior class, claiming first in each moto for first place cash. Second place money went to Randy Skinner (Hon) who pulled straight seconds. Robin Ritchey (Hon) rode to third in every moto for third overall.

In the 100 Junior class Brent McMurray (Suz) placed first overall with a tally of 1-1. Larry Nelson got second.

Russell Stark (Suz) took firsts in the first and last motos of the 125 Junior class, but only got fourth in the second race, placing him second overall under Gary Rehome (Hon). Rehome followed Stark to the finish line in motos one and three, but lead the way for Ron Martyn (Hon), Terri Bender (Hon), Stark, and Larry Brown (Hon) in the middle race. Bender claimed third overall after maintaining third overall throughout each race.

David Williams (Yam) took top cash for the two Expert races again, riding to first in every moto of both the 125 and 250-500 combined Senior classes.

In the 125 class, Williams (Yam) was leading, Steve Bauer (Hon) was second and Robin Ritchey (Hon) was running third until he fell. Bauer fell on the last lap, and Rick Stout(Yam) moved into the number two position. Mot two had Williams, then Stout and Bauer was third. The final moto saw Williams first, followed by Floyd Burk (yam) , Stout and Bauer. Bauer got by Stout, but then he fell. Stout flew past Burk at the checkered for second place, and overall second money. Burk claimed third overall.