August 27, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 33

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Bill Rubly and Dan Barnes

George Crazee

Ray Barros and Lynn Worley.

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CMC At Irwindale Raceway

Bill Rubly and Dan Barnes before Rubly started losing his motor mounts. - Photos by Buzz.
Bill Rubly and Dan Barnes before Rubly started losing his motor mounts. - Photos by Buzz.

CMC at Irwindale Raceway
Friday August 15, 1975
By: Buzz

Amongst the two hundred and fifty entries were forty-one Pros with two notable entries in the 250 Pro ranks. Back for the first time since his horrendous crash was Montesa mounted, David Pessy. The effects of the crash on David were evident when he finished well down in the list of eighteen who were entered in the 250 Pro class. Also notable was The entry of David Taylor in the 250 Pros as well as the 125's. David was riding the 250 Honda that Chris Gray usually rides in the 250 Intermediate class.

George Crazee's style is not too
George Crazee's style is not too "Cheezee" as he leans it waaay back on his way to first overall in the 250 Junior class at Irwindale. Photos by Buzz.

Tonight there was Jeff Vidic, back from his vacation in Florida, also Joe Johnston-his second time out since his accident at Ascot, Val Tamietti always a threat with his smooth, fast riding, Bultaco mounted Jeff Jennings, and CMC points leader, BUI Rubly. Much to the surprise of the spectators, and very much to the chagrin of the rest of the riders, David Taylor put a hole shot on the "rabbit", Vidic, and led the entire distance to win moto one in his first ever ride as a 250 Pro.

Ray (82c) Barros is definetly hot! Here he passes Lynn Worley for the lead and the overall Junior win at Irwinadale. Photos by Buzz.
Ray (82c) Barros is definetly hot! Here he passes Lynn Worley for the lead and the overall Junior win at Irwinadale. Photos by Buzz.

In round two, Vidic once more proved himself the quickest off the starting gate with his Maico, and although under heavy pressure from Val Tamietti and Jeff Jennings, he took the win with Taylor dropping to fourth. It should be noted that the 250 Honda that Taylor was competing with is not the full-bore type of Honda that his 125 is, and by midway in the second round, the engine was beginning to sound a bit fluffy.

Two rounds have been run, we've had two different winners, and who pulls hole shot number three? Can-Am mounted, No. 48 Bill Rubly, that's who!, going all the way to the flag, hotly pursued by Tamietti and Vidic

The overall went to Vidic with a pair of thirds and a first, while Tamietti finished second overall with two seconds and a sixth. Getting third on the Bultaco was Jeff Jennings, who rides for Norm Reeves shop out in Anaheim. David Taylor got fourth, and Rubly fifth. Believe it or not, folks, there are two more Friday night biggies before September fifth, and I can just imagine what kinda competition those nights will bring.

Gary Denton pulled the only sweep of the night in the Pro ranks, when he just absolutely blitzed a loaded 125 Pro field. Fifteen" were there to try to give Gary some competition, but only one got close enough to make Gary work. In the first round, nobody was close, and the field included for the first time in quite a spell the CMC's No. 1 rider, Mike Bell. Just how good is Mike? Well, Mike hasn't ridden at Irwindale for months and months, but he finished fourth overall with two consistent rides in fifth place and one in third, and he just got the cast off his arm two weeks ago. But, back to that first moto Gary Denton blitz. I mean, he was so far out in front that you didn't need a stopwatch to time the difference between first and second place, you needed a calendar. If I wasn't sure of the honesty and integrity of Gary Denton and D&G Performance Specialties, I would seriously have to question how many cc's over 125 that little Honda is carrying. Rounds two and three were much the same with the exception that David Taylor kept Denton busy by pressuring hard on Gary's tailpipe in all the corners. But, down the straightaway, Denton's Honda would just literally fly away from Taylor as if Gary had just opened the tap on ISOcc's or so instead of 125. At any rate, behind Gary's sweep, Taylor took second overall, with Mark Lawrence spoiling a Honda sweep by taking third on his Yamaha.

Even the dinosaur class of 500 Pros was up in numbers tonight with eight riders trying to interrupt Bill Rubly's string of victories. Luke Messer and Curtis Lessel both gave it heroic efforts, but came up short, Luke in particular, when he suffered & mechanical malfunction in round two, and ended up last.

Kevin McKay and Rich Maebe had all the firsts and seconds in the Mini Junior division one class, but Kevin took one more first than Rich, which gave Kevin the first overall for the night. One point back was Rich for second overall, with third going to Jimmy Simmons, making it a Yamaha win. In division two Brian McConnell took a first together with a pair of seconds for first overall on his Honda. Clay Lawrence, who took third last week for his first time in the top three, managed a second overall tonight on his Yamaha, getting thirds in the first two motes and winning the last moto. Haywark Flynt took the third overall spot on his Yamaha.

Rick Simmons took the Mini Experts again tonight, winning all three motos. Behind Rick each time was Kavin Bowden with three seconds for second overall. Third overall went to Eddie Glover for a Honda sweep of this class.

For the 100 Juniors it was a Yamaha sweep. Ray Barros with five points came out on top for the night's work, getting one win and a pair of seconds. Dave Bakey managed second overall with a second and a pair of thirds. And how about this for consistency-Mark Wiedeman took third overall with three fifth place finishes.

Four divisions of 125 Juniors battled tonight. Coming out on top in division one was the Kawasaki of Lonnie Stark. Getting second behind Lonnie was Ernie Ruiz and his Yamaha, with Tom Peterson and his Honda getting the third overall spot. Jim McEwan swept division two on his Honda for his first overall. Karl Davis riding a Yamaha captured the second overall with two thirds split up by a second place finish. Steve Pendleton rode his Honda to three fourths with gave him a consistent third overall. Chris ThreifaU took a third in the first moto behind Mike Johns' win, but came back to win the last two rounds. This handed the win to Chris and Mike Johns had to settle for second overall. Pat Crescanin got in for third overall to make this division a Honda sweep.