August 27, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 33

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Moreno Valley M.C. At De Anza

Moreno Valley MC at DeAnza Cycle Park
Sunday July 27, 1975
By: Gus

There was 600 dollars ready to be taken home for the top Pro riders that made it out to De Anza today. The racing was fantastic, with the 250 class being the first Pros to hit the track. At the start, Keith Patten got the hole shot, followed by Dave Williams and Ray Topham. Going into the second turn, Patten fell back to third when he got a little crossed up going into the turn. Up in front, Williams put distance between him self and the rest of the field to take the first moto win, with Topham holding down second, and moving into third after Patten went out with scooter troubles was Richard Franklin. Russell McAfee came from a dead last start to take fourth at the finish.

The second and final moto Williams once again took the race from start to finish to take home top money in the class. Topham held down second again for second spot money. Clark Jones took third this time around, but with a poor first moto finish couldn't get in the money. Third spot money went to Franklin with a 3-5 finish.

Tim Wyant ran away with the first moto of the Open Pro class on his Holladay Cycles Maico, but the second time around he had a few problems and had to settle for sixth in the moto and third spot money. Craig Adams was the top money winner in the class with a 3-1 tally. Dennis Hazelett took home second place cash with a consistent 2-2 ride. Mark Kiefer missed out on the money by only one point with two fourth place rides to his credit.

David Williams came back in the 125 Pro class and made a clean sweep of the class with no one even close enough to see the back of his bike. Rick Stout and Dennis Hazelett were behind Williams hooking bars and using each other for traction, with Stout taking the last moto to pick up second place money and Hazelett the well earned third place cash. Larry Repley was fourth on his Honda.

The Intermediates were really cooking today with Randy Monroe taking the 125 class. David Oiler was cookin, but went out for the day.

Pete Peterson took home top brass in the 250 Intermediate class with three firsts and a fantastic ride to his credit. Adrian Hernadez put his Kawasaki into second spot, while Nick Barrick grabbed third. <BR><BR>Terry King took the open Inermediate brass home, John Gibbs second, and Ron Dugan third.

Don Bridgewater was the man to beat in the 250 Junior class, as he took top honors. Second went to Duane Cave, and third to Jeff Sharron.<BR><BR>David Aleman came from a poor first moto finish to win the Open Junior class with Randy Provost doing the same and grabbing second spot.

In the 125 Junior race it was Jay Powell winning all three motos, with a few threats from second place Todd Miller. Russell Hall rode his Hodaka to a third place finish.<BR><BR>The 125 Beginner class was a battle between Dan Ward and Chris Collins, and at the end they were only separated by one point, with Ward on top, and Collins second. Randy Gormley was third.

In the Veteran class Dale Brown fought off charges by Andrew Jackson and Glenn Burke to take the win. Jackson held down second and Burke was third.<BR><BR> Robert Long coasted to a win in the Open Beginner race, followed by Rodney Harrison and Russ Dugan. Jeff Fyfe looked to be the 250 Beginner winner, but Don Thomas Jr. edged him out for the win the last moto. John Wilson settled for third place trophy for the day.Riversider, Bobby Hart totally tore up the Mini Expert class on his super trick Honda. Fast kid, Eric Collins took the second spot and Jim Privett third.