August 27, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 33

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CMC-MX at Southbay Speedway

AMA at Southbay Speedway
Sunday January 19, 1975
By: Valerie

Today was a beautiful, hot day once again. Today was the first race at Southbay for this season, so I went and scored with Ginny Leedom for Bob Basile. It was great. Soaked up alot of rays and watched good racing.

The first class today was the minis Mike Gomez (YZ) was the overall winner today. He got a second the first moto and a first the second moto. Grant Barrows (Hon) was really riding well today. He got a first the first moto and a second the second moto. Steve Depailippis (Hon) was really giving the leaders a hard time today, he got a 5th the first moto and a third the second moto giving him a third overall.

The 100's and 125 Intermediate riders all rode together today. Yamaha-mounted Jack Clauson was the overall winner in the 100 class today. George Moody (Suz) was close behind and finished second with Jim Stewart riding really hard and getting third overall. The 125 Junior first division class was a super fast class today. Rick Gomez (Yam) dominated the class and easily took the first overall. Pat Haworth and Mike Davis were battling it out for second but Pat finally did pull away from Mike to take second overall. Mike got third overall and really deserved it.

The second 125 Junior division was off and running with Don Schranum (Hon) on the gas and easily getting first overall. Rodney Miller got the second overall title and Chuck Connolley took third. The first 250 Junior division was an exciting one. Tutti Juarez and Eduardo Garcia were battling it out for the first overall and Thomas Pearl (CZ) and Mark Armstrong (Yam) were fighting for third and fourth. The results ended with Tutti Juarez (Yam) first overall, Eduardo Garcia (Hus) second and Thomas Pearl (CZ) in third although Mark Armstrong (Yam) was right up there.

Robert Cooper was the man to watch during the second 250 Juniors race. Robert, always on the gas took care of the first overall position faily easy. Scott Edson (Hus) took second overall and Stan King rode a great race trying his hardest to catch up with Scott Edson. Stan ended up with a well deserved third though. Mike Young, a 250 junior hotshoe who was number one 250 Junior during the Wednesday night races, was passing the second place rider and stuffed his bike into the berm at the back of the track. When he came back up he couldn't move his leg. It turned out that he tore a ligament and part of his cartilage. He's got a cast on his left leg now, but says he'll be back racing in no time.

Finally the 250 Pros were on there way. Mike Stearns was gassing it but had Murray Hoffman right on his tail. Mike took first anyway and Murray Hoffman seemed satisfied with the second overall. Randy Burns was really wailing today but had to settle with third because Mike and Murray weren't about to let him get any higher place.

The 250 Intermediate class ran with the Pros also today. Carlos Contreas was really really doing great. The first moto he got second because his bike stalled on the start, and the rest of the pack lapped him. Tamali Smith (Hon) got first that moto, and Carlos finished second. The second moto and Tamali dropped it, Carlos ran into him but recovered it right away then Carlos dropped it twice after that thus giving Tamali the first overall. Carlos took second and Ed Conners (Hon) got third.

The 500 Pro race was a bad one, not the racing but the accident. Mike Stephenson (CCM) and Rob Norgaard were really fighting it out until the second moto when Rob was badly hurt. After his bike fell on him a few guys picked it up and he got up and ran over to his bike trying to get back on. Only to find that his leg was broken in two places. Mickie Motocross came out of retirement again and got third overall today was Mickies first Pro race. Mike Stephenson (CCM) got first overall, Bob Norgaard got second and Mickie got third.

David Nuding held first for both motos and finished likewise. I think because he was the only 500 Intermediate rider that showed up. The last class of the day was the 500 Junior class. Max Maple got first the first moto and first the second moto. He finished first overall. Jim looker got second both motos and finished second with Gordon Montgomery finishing third. Well, that's it folks. I had a great day and I think everyone else did too.