January 29, 1975
Vol. 3  Issue 3

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Star Kimpson

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395 Cycle Park

Star Kimpson of Apple Valley shows off for the camera out at 395 Cycle Park.  Jackson photo.
Star Kimpson of Apple Valley shows off for the camera out at 395 Cycle Park. Jackson photo.

395 Cycle Park at 395 Cycle Park
Sunday January 12, 1975

For the reporters, movies, and establishment that talks (usually unfavorably) about the "Motorcycle types". I would welcome them to 395 Cycle Park in Adelanto. It was literally invaded today by kids who probably couldn't even spell motorcyclist, yet they are one!! Over 30 minibikes competed for 40 percent trophys, malts and hamburgers at the Outpost. Torco Oil and jackets, and Team trophies. They used the "suggestion" box to voice their opinions, criticism, and suggestions. Their suggestion for a limit of an 82cc max class and a new Open to 98cc max class was approved by the Competition Committee. The other suggestion for the course to be run backwards was also approved by the Park owner for the fourth Sunday MX.

With over 70 high school students competing for three separate high school team trophies, the atmosphere was exciting, relaxing, and orderly. It was unusual to find one pit racer to disqualify for there just isn't any allowed to compete at 395...and they get no hero worship here by their brothers. With Beginner classes in each engine size, the kids have taken over motorcycles from the men. So sportsman racing has become another little league, another sport where the younger generation have taken over from the establishment. 9th grader Mark Larnkjaer showed fine form as he place second aboard a Suzuki in his first ride as Amateur today.

Ontario Honda took top honors in the 395 Cycle Park Team or Club participation award with their minibike troup again. Individually they copped six trophies for their moms. Kennedy Hi of Barstow won the Desert Hodaka Hi-School Team Trophy for scoring the most points in today's racing. In the three race series, Kennedy topped Barstow Hi for the Desert Suzuki Perpetual Award while Apple Valley took the B and B Cycles Perpetual Award over Victorville by a narrow margin.

That new disc at 395 is not for raising roses but for ripping race tracks..and it was-and did make for excellent traction and a track surface that stayed together right to the last lap.