Vol. 3  Issue 3 

Dirt Diggers MX at Valley Cycle Park

January 19, 1975

Allen Cooke

Late Saturday night the TV belts out "For relief of minor aches and pains caused by a cold, take.  Read More... 

Saturday Saddleback Motocross Racing

January 18, 1975

You can never tell just who is going to show up in SAM racing.  Read More... 

CRC-MX at Indian Dunes Park

January 19, 1975

Kenny Zahrt

Bill Payne, Will Harper and Kenny Zahrt collected the big bucks in their respective Pro racing divisions during today's CRC sanctioned motocross program on th Shadow Glen track at Indian Dunes Park.  Read More... 

ECRA-MX at Escape Country

January 19, 1975

Over 200 riders showed up at Escape Country Sunday to compete for trophies and Expert cash paybacks.  Read More... 

AME-MX at De Anza Cycle Park

January 19, 1975

Mark Cook

American Motocross Enterprises held it's second race of the month at De Anza with a rather small turnout but an excellent track.  Read More... 

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395 Cycle Park

January 12, 1975

Star Kimpson

For the reporters, movies, and establishment that talks (usually unfavorably) about the "Motorcycle types".  Read More... 

Atlantis Park

January 12, 1975

 Read More... 

AMC-MX at Orange County Raceway

January 17, 1975

John Estes

It looks like both weekly night MX tracks are going real strong, since the opener of Irwindale last week I've noticed that more than a few of the racers have suddenly disappeared.  Read More... 

AMC-MX at Rawhide Park

January 19, 1975

Jeff Wright

The sun brought out a big group of riders to Rawhide.  Read More... 

CMC-MX at Saddleback Park

January 19, 1975

Dusty was the only word that could describe the track today but that couldn't stop the close racing before the large crowd.  Read More... 

High School MX at Corona Raceway

January 17, 1975

Rubidoux found a winning situation here at Corona, Jan.  Read More... 

Dirt Diggers MX at Valley Cycle Park

Yes, Allen, we got your picture. What you don't see is the pack of 35 riders behind Cooke. and this is on the first tap. Daring, to say tne least.

Dirt Diggers at Valley Cycle Park
Sunday January 19, 1975

Late Saturday night the TV belts out "For relief of minor aches and pains caused by a cold, take..." Right! My head felt like it was last week's berm for Super Hunky out at Indian Dunes. The rest of my body brings back memories of riding the Des after a six month dry spell. As for what's left of my sinuses, they have grown to watermelon proportions, and I'm going to a race tomorrow... Read More... 

CMC-MX at Irwindale Raceway

Mike Bell continued ha winning streak as he came out to Irwindale and cleaned up in the 125 Pro class. Boy, maybe he wants another van? Photo by Buzz.

CMC at Irwindale Raceway
Friday January 17, 1975
By: Buzz

If the first two weeks of Irwindale's 1975 season are to be the criteria for judging the full year, there's gonna be a hell of a lot of people visit Irwindale and some great, heavy racing. Tonight was another sellout, again with heavy emphasis in the Mini Junior divisions. Last week Mark Maxstadt, tiding with Jeff Jenning's old 76D number, managed to win his class, but tonight it was Jeff Dye's turn to take the first overall spot, winning two out of three from Mark. Mini Juniors division two, and it was Eddie Glover with a pair of firsts, taking the measure of Bob Ott and Dean Hoag. The Mini Experts and it was all Doug Nicol, three firsts, nobody ever really getting close to him. Read More... 

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